I have just about had it, I give up. I empty 4-5 times a day, sleep through the night. I don't think it gets much better, but this gurgling is driving me crazy. I can sit and watch my stomach move like a gremlin trying to get out, people can hear it from 30' away, sometimes it wakes me up at night, not from being full but from the noise. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Hi Amos,
I don't know (or remember) if you have a k pouch or a BCIR....but here goes. Gurgles and noise is often caused by gas and liquids more so than other stuff...So, firstly...I wouldn't personally care (I am a teacher and honestly it has never been a problem...students fart & burp in class, other teachers have less than perfect etiquette and make noises and in social situations like dinners, coctails and weddings I figure the gurgles are so much better than total incontinence that it is fine ), secondly you can limit to a certain degree some bowel noises with probiotics, a limited diet (I eat mostly protiens and fruits & veggies and very little dairy or starches which means that my output is not gassy nor too noisy (then again I no longer notice it).
What goes in must come out. Dairly makes gas. Milk is a killer (sounds like the rushing rapids in there when I drink a latte) and pizza could turn my pouch into a brass band...
Try dissociating food groups for a day or 2 to see if it helps.
Just protiens in one meal, just pasta in another...it may help.
If not there is always beano or other gas reducers.

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