have noticed recently my bm waste are coming out really green...anyone know what thats about?it happens more often than not as of late..not having any particular issue,on antibiotics now..going into day 19 on amoxicillan..
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What are you eating? That is usually my first questions when the stuff comes out a strange colour...any possible culprits in your diet that could be coloring your diet? Have you been eating any blueberries? (they turn output a funny greeish blue).
Are you taking anything other than the antibiotics? Like probiotics to counter the effect? Is the output runnier than usual? My body didn't like one of the antibiotics that they put me on in the hospital and I ended up with a very liquidy output...could your antibiotics be effecting you adversly?
Are you having any cramping? Is there any unusual smell to it?
thanks sharon for inquiring..i do eat blueberries every morning..no unusual odor..do not think its antibiotics ..none are new..no cramping or unusual day to day..output sea old same old..i fluctuate between a little more solid or not can`t figure each time i would go crazy..no pain and not feeling completey empty is what i concern myself with..

just wondering if that rang a bell as to something to be concerned about..will eliminate latest pprobiotic see if that changes anything..

i just got off amoxicillan and trying xifaxin after 3 weeks..i am rotating antibiotics at moment...
If you're on antibiotics that are treating your pouchitis, I would solidly go with blueberries! Or if you've been eating something with a lot of dark food coloring. That will make it green for sure. Otherwise, very runny and green is usually a sign of either a virus or bile if stuff is moving through much too quickly (you would see this with pouchitis possibly).
I have noticed that if I don't eat a lot, my bowel movements are green as well. When I asked my surgeon he said it wasn't anything to worry about.

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