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Reading about the lady wearing the bikini rekindled my memory of my struggles with UC. Suffered in college (yet had some remissions) really got bad in the latter parts of the 1980's.
Was super sick! Long hospitalizations in Connecticut.
Had the colectomy around Xmas 1990 and the pouch operation about 4-5 months later then the drop down a bit later.

Great operation -- great results soon after.
Going strong on almost 25 years. No issues at all. Go a bit more than before the illness but no biggie. No restrictions in diet. Had a few cases of pouchitis over the years ( kind of a miserable experience but cleared up on its own in 24-36 hours)
Active lifestyle , travel a lot for work , scuba dive etc...
Hardly ever think about it really.
Definitely a life changing experience for me.
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I am hoping to have the same journey! Just went paddle boarding and kayaking today, go cart racing recently and planning a horseback/wine tour in Tecate in September. YOLO!
Welcome to the site Mike in MD!

It is great to hear such a positive outcome as yours. Some people get the impression when they first come to this website that everyone that gets a j-pouch has problems with it. So it's important to hear good j-pouch stories as most people that have them have few problems.

Thanks Marie !

sorry for the late reply - I posted a similar comment as the “great procedure” one above,  tonight, in another area of the group. Boy , I wrote a little more enthusiastically back in 2014! I’ll blame the mid week busy work feeling going on tonight for my more tempered response 



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