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Why after 17 months post surgery do I still have to push 90% of the time.
My pouch is healthy... No problems there.  Stool is formed.  Most of the time.
There is nothing wrong now except I have to push and strain all the time..
Has anyone else had this problem since surgery?
My surgeon says to relax..... It works sometimes but it's rare.  My legs fall asleep so I have to get up!
Just thought I would throw this out there.
But remember I have a healthy pouch so it's not from anything related to pouchitis or diff.
Kegals.....tried....makes me push bits out and then I have... Skid marks. 
Sorry.... Not trying to be crude.. But worse things are brought up and have happened.
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Mystic, try asking your surgeon if when she did a scope she was able to just go straight up into the pouch instead of having to turn the scope ever so slightly. 


during my first J-pouch the part where my pouch attached to rectum had a small turn in it, she said resulted from using a staple method. when i went back to an ostomy for awhile it was corrected and im not running into that same issue again. well i was initially but it was because i needed a dilation. 


also maybe your not dilated but inflamed just near the anal canal? that way your pouch looks health and they cant find a stricture but your having those issues..?

I was just scoped and she saw nothing to cause any problems.
She said it was all clear and good.  Sometimes  it seems when I am scoped or digitally checked things get easier.  But it's so slight it may be just me.  She said there are no strictures....or any sign of anything and I should not be straining.  But I am.
Thanks for all the input so far.  Appreciate it. 
Sounds to me like it may be on an odd angle.  I will have to ask about the angle.
Yes.... Sometimes it feels like you will pop a blood vessel!
In fact I think I have in my nose!

I am exactly one year post take down and have output all across the board- sometimes liquid, some formed, and lots in between.   I do find when I have to push formed stool out that using my little squirt bottle - holds about 12 oz., with very warm water helps a lot. I have to refill it sometimes 3-4 times and usually wipe in between but it definitely help me release more stool without pushing as much. I'm sure a bidet could do same thing but this little bottle has made huge difference for me. Also use it to clean up after softer stool output. I squirt it front and back. BTW cold or cool water does not work the same way as warm or slightly hot water. Hope this helps! 

This is exactly my problem as well. Even if its diarrhea I have to strain. I do have pouchitis and have been on cipro, but it started right after my takedown and has never gone away. My pouchitis is also handled with the cipro, so I rarely have diarrhea and don't take immodium either. So frustrating and has led to hemorrhoids and fissures for me! 

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