Hi -- My cousin's son (age 23) is having some stubborn g.i. symptoms that could be IBD but also could just be IBS. He's seen some docs but no good answers yet. Any recommendations for g.i. docs in NYC??

He's only home from school for 2 weeks so hopefully not someone with a hugely busy schedule.

Thank you!
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A couple of the above suggestions were surgeons, he's going to need a GI to diagnose him.

One of the best GI practices in NYC is the Jill Roberts IBD Center at Weill Cornell. It's part of NYP Cornell Hospital.  I see Dr. Steinlauf there.  It is very busy there but I can usually get in within 3-4 days.

I am with Dr. Mark Chapman at Mt. Sinai, but he is a little older, so if you think someone younger might be better, Dr. James Marion is great- anyone really is fabulous: they have an entire amazing IBD center there with doctors, nutritionists, surgeons if you need them, etc (ranked #5 best GI center in the country after of course Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, etc.: https://www.mountsinai.org/ibd-center

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