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So my takedown was less than 2 weeks ago and I have been keeping pretty strick on the diet until tonight. I had a couple tacos. What a horrible mistake. Any suggestions for some good food to eat with a new pouch.

I've been eating eggs, chicken, yogurt, toast, bananas, and soup repeatedly but I'm getting bored with them. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Nut butters, cheeses. Smoothies, very easy to make with the frozen fruits and frozen smoothie blends.

I am here giving you a few my takedown recovery recipes.

Poached salmon is very easy to digest. You simply put a salmon filet, salt, and quarter inch of water in a pot. Keep the lid closed and cook on low-medium heat.  Ready in 10-15 minutes.

Any poached fish would probably do. You should not eat grilled or fried fish yet.

Overcooked veggies with low fiber, like zucchini (no seeds), carrots, cauliflower. They have to be very very soft. Steam them if you have a steamer, or just put them in a pot with a few tablespoons of water and oil. The veggies release water themselves.  You can cook from frozen, too, just soak them in hot water for a couple minutes before cooking.  After the veggies heat up on low-medium heat, lower the heat to low-heat and keep the lid closed until they are almost mushy. This might take 20-30 minutes on low heat.  Maybe even more. Then you can put dressing on them, make sure you buy one with no emulsifiers in it. Definitely not my favorite recipe, but I ate a lot of this at the very beginning.

Beano really helps with gas. I am 10 months post take-down, I rarely take Beano now, and we eats beans almost 5 days a week. But I religiously took in the first 6 months when I ate something that could potentially cause gas, like cauliflowers or beans, to avoid difficult nights.

I want to end this message with a warning about beans. One thing I learned from FODMAP diet websites is that to minimize gas from beans, one has to soak them, because oligosaccharides (one of the FODMAPs) are water soluble. So I soak the beans overnight, next day throw away the water they were soaked in, to get rid of the oligosaccharides. I cook the beans until they get very soft with "excessive" amount of fresh water, like 3 inches more than the beans, and I throw away the water they were cooked in to get rid of all released oligosaccharides once more.

After all that oligosaccharides policing and taking beano, beans did not give me issues with gas since the beginning. With this method, I started eating no-heat chilies with beans (thin skin ones) and ground meat around 4 weeks after takedown.

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I second Elif's suggestion about salmon filet. If you have a Costco nearby, check their frozen section for salmon filets. They sell frozen Norwegian salmon filet in a 5 pound bag, and there are approximately 15-18 filet in the bag (it's sold by weight).  Each filet is in a separate pouch so you can thaw what you need. I drizzle olive oil, salt, pepper, or I use butter and herbs, and bake, uncovered, at 300F for 12 minutes, no longer than that. The filets turn out moist, perfectly cooked, never overdone. I serve with basmati rice or potato vegetable pucks from Ikea. Salmon has excellent nutrition, omegas, and is easily digestible. Any fish, really, would be excellent for you right now while your pouch is a youngster. By using different store bought sauces that you like, or fresh herbs, you can give it a different taste. If you use fresh herbs, tuck them under the fish so they aren't burned, which makes them slightly bitter.

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