I was posting elsewhere and realized how fortunate that I've been to have excellent primary care doctors the last 15 years. I've had two wonderful doctors that have taken the time needed and sent me to the specialists needed to get to the underlying medical reasons for my many symptoms.

I've always assumed that everyone had doctors that were as good as mine were. Since I've become disabled and had to go through all the red tape that is involved with my insurance company and then the social security administration I have gained a whole new level of admiration for not only my Internist but for my specialists as well. I've discovered that other people going through difficult times, like mine, have uncooperative doctors. Doctors that refuse to fill out disability paper work. Doctors that are dismissive of pain and tell patients that it's all in their head. Doctors that tell patients all they need to do is lose weight and they will be ok. Doctors that believe that no one is ever 100% disabled and that there is a job for everyone. Arrogant uncaring doctors that are clueless as to where someone that can't concentrate, for example, can work and earn a livable wage. Most disabled people would rather work! Hello, who wants to be disabled?

The latest problem is the new laws regarding pain medication. Federal law changes now require that everyone needs a written prescription for every 30 day supply of pain medications like those containing hydrocodone. Some doctors, like my 83 year old father's Internist, have decided they are not going to bother with the new regulations. His nurse called my father saying he could pick up a prescription for a 2 week supply and gave him a phone number for a pain clinic. She told him he had to go there from now on to manage his pain. He called there and couldn't get an appointment for months. Mad

Dad can barely walk with a walker and needs a wheelchair to get to his doctor's office. His partner can't drive and she walks with a walker too. It is difficult for them to get anywhere - this is what's wrong with the federal regulations. My dad was in a panic. He has tried different kinds of pain killers and this is the only one he can tolerate. He is 83 years old, what is his doctor's problem? No one is going to accuse the doctor of over medicating him. I want to go to his doctor's office and find out what's going on but it's 180 miles away.

Dad called another one of his specialists and they said he could see someone in their office for pain management, no problem. Thank God there are doctors that still treat patients, even if it is inconvenient. This arrangement is better as the new doctor's office is more convenient for him and his partner to get to.

I hope you all have good doctors and they do make a difference in many ways Smiler
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You are absolutely right...I am just terrified of the day that my surgeons retire...they are both nearly 70 and although still spry and full of energy they will retire sooner or later...rats.
I did not know about the drug restrictions back in the states...yikes...how stupid can you get?
Yes, my dad the 83 year old 2 tours in Korea during the Korean War, Veteran Retired Teamster is not a junkie. He has been on the same prescription at the same strength for at least 7 years. It doesn't take all of the pain away and never has. He has never asked for more and never will. It is hard to see my dad in pain, as he's had operation after operation and many that we didn't expect him to live through. He is depression era tough. I hate to see him loose the ability to do things and have to ask my husband or son to do them for him. He use to say he could do them, if he had to. Now he says he can't do them anymore. For that doctor's nurse to talk down to him and make him feel like he did is inexcusable. If Internists weren't so hard to find in his area I'd find him a new one. The problem is solved for now.

Dad told me around 5 years ago. I'm not afraid of dying. I'm just not ready to go yet Big Grin

Thanks for reading my rant. I hope all of your loved ones and you are receiving the medical treatment they need.

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