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Hello again, little about myself, had UC in childhood, and was operated with 2 stages surgery and currently doing fine with pouch, 18 years of age.


So I started weight lifting & strength training in local gym around 3 months ago now, while I did see great results in amount of weight I can now lift as compared to when I started, there is little to no gain in muscle mass whatsoever, obviously nutrition to blame.


I'm one of those teens that think they eat a hell lot, but barely make up 2k callories, oh I'm 5'10 and 110 pounds so meh... I tried gulping down eggs but after 2 eggs the 3rd one just won't go down (I didn't like eggs much since childhood). And while I do try to increase my food intake little, its no where near the amount I need for caloric surplus.


Then few weeks ago I came across this GOMAD diet (gallon of milk a day), and since I have been good with milk from childhood and drink atleast 1 liter of milk a day without feeling vomiting sensation like with eggs or high amount of solid foods, I decided to give it a shot.


So I've been drinking around 2.5 Liters of milk a day now from some 2 weeks (gallon is 3.7 liters but..I think that too much to jump on straight), and here's what I noticed:


1.Bit more gas output while passing stools (manageable)

2.Increase in frequency of visits from 2-3 per day to atleast 4-5 per day.

3.Less formed stools than my 'usual' (by that I mean, they're lick thick liquid, not watery but not hard rock)

4.Increase in the output per visit to the toilet.

5.Lighter shadow of yellow stool than usual

No serious symptoms here I know, the output can be compared to a day when I just sit on the couch and eat all day without any physical exercise, because these past 3 months I was used to much less output & more formed stools.


So basically its just one thing that troubles me here:

Am I actually digesting all those extra callories, fat, protein and what not from milk or are my intestines just flushing out anything above than maintenance callories?

And that might be a stupid question for many of you I know, I also know that removal of the colon does the hinder the ability of small intestines to absorb nutrition, but you know, unless I get the facts straight and out of my mind that these little changes are fine and I am actually absorbing all those kcals, it's really hard to gump down 2.5-3 liters of milk everyday, suspecting that you will only flush it out. 


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Snipey, it doesn't sound like you're "flushing out" any calories. Nothing in what you have written suggests any sort of absorption issues. You were maintaining weight on a diet well within the maintenance range. I don't think forcing calories will bulk you up, but patience and persistence at the gym might well do the trick, and your increased capacity is evidence of progress. As your muscle mass slowly increases, your appetite is likely to adjust appropriately. Your diet will matter, of course, but I'm not a big fan of extreme dietary measures. In particular, the fat in all that milk could easily slow digestion and reduce your appetite. Adding some lean protein might be a bit more effective (and natural), though for starters I'd stay away from the powders (just my opinion). At 110 pounds you don't need very many additional calories to add weight. 


I suspect everything is fine, but have you had any blood testing to make sure all is well?

GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) seems like a new advertisement for dairy farmers!  While I have dairy farmer cousins, we don't drink much milk in my house.   My son, who is now 8, (healthy, strong and thin) will choose water (even in a restaurant) over milk.  But yes a chocolate milk is a treat!


I agree with Scott that sometimes an over simplified "just do this" as a secret weapon of any kind could do more harm than good.  Slow and steady.  At 18 I had colitis, and I weighed close to your weight!  While I'm a lot older than you, I am 55 and happy to try to "stay" about 180 and EASILY could eat my way into overweight territory!    At 18 I thought I'd always be skinny, and that's not the case.  Look at your parents and that's closer to what you will look like as you age, IMHO.

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