Going to see my surgeon on Monday and am nervous. I haven't seen him in 6 years and he was not too happy with me
since i didn't go every year. I couldn't go financial reasons. I am finally going and I have been fine till only a few months ago. I just seem to have more urges to go to have a BM and when i go its not alot as it used to be and then i get an urge later a few minutes later but it goes away if i ignore it. I am going at least ever 1.5 hours when i used to be able to hold for like 3 hours before. What do you guys think? is this scope gonna hurt like hell? I have to do a fleets enema before i go.
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I assumed my surgeon was going to do a flex scope and he did a straight scope at my first year scope and it hurt like hell. I also had cuffitis.

I had a flex scope with medication and it didn't hurt at all and I had cuffitis and c.diff.

I had a flex scope without any medication and it didn't hurt much and I still had cuffitis.

The 3 scopes were all within 5 months.

Just tell him right off the back that you couldn't afford scopes before. He should understand that. I'm sure he's heard similar stories before.

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