I just got hooked on these candies. And I noticed the ones I get from Trader Joe's have 8% Ginger and they aren't as good as the ones from Sprouts with 10% Ginger. The thing is, the good ones make me eat lots of them, like crack. And then I have straight liquid BMs. Dangerously hard to hold in. Do you all think it's the higher Ginger content or just because I'm eating 120-150gms of sugar within a couple hours? Anyone else have problems with Ginger candies and their effect on the bowel?

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It sounds like you're eating a lot of sugar.Those candies can be addictive, like chocolate! If you love the taste of ginger, why not buy fresh sliced ginger in a jar and eat it? You know the ginger that you get with a meal in Japanese restaurants? You can find that type of ginger, or similar types, in stores like whole foods, a health food store, or in Asian grocery stores for around $5 a jar usually. It can be pickled or sweet. Read the label and get the jar that lists the least amount of sugar content. We have a jar of this in the fridge and either eat it as a refreshing snack, after a meal, or use in cooking. There's also a company called The Ginger People that sells delicious sliced ginger in a jar. I hope this works for you.

I just found that ginger crystals in my tea in the morning is the replacement for my honey and easy on my stomach..  The candy gives me gas.

I drink a lot of ginger tea (and brew it strong), but have never found it to cause loose BMs.  I'm thinking it's the sugar as others have said.

I think you all are right. Thank you for chiming in. I sure do love the spice of the ginger so I will look for these other ways of getting it without all the sugar. 


I use candied ginger with honey and lemon as a tea when I have a sore throat (like lately) and it empties out my pouch like draino...it is the ginger. 

When I have a problem with thick output (I have a k pouch) I use ginger. It is magical unless you do Not want liquid output or if you have a blockage or occlusion...then it could be very dangerous!



See, that's what I was thinking might be part of the issue. Thank you for sharing. And still, I'm eating them. But the lower concentration don't have as bad of an effect on me. They also aren't as yummy. Can't believe I finally found a food that gives me joy and it gives me these problems. 

Kind of goes with the territory, doesn't it??? NO matter what we find that we love, it gives us problems!

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