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Im looking into retiring. Where is the best city with good GI doctors to start? Looking for a active community. My GI mentioned the Jacksonville area Mayo but not too many places near there. If nothing else, near a major airport so I can get back quickly to NYC. I do need a infusion center knowledgeable of these bio drugs at least. 


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I am in Naples. My GI knows about pouches and they even have a research dept that tries new drugs for Chrons (which hopefully we don’t need) also there is an infusion center that does biologics. We are 1& 1/2 hours from Cleveland clinic in Weston, where I have gone for scopes. They also do jpouches in Weston. jet blue flies direct to NYC from Ft Myers.

We are much warmer then Jacksonville in the winter. The doctor is Raymond Phillips in Naples, if you want to look him up.

Hi everyone!

I live in Sarasota, FL (south of Tampa) and I’m willing to switch my GI doctor because the current one is always so busy and I think I’m in the bottom of his patients list.   I’m never able to reach him when I need him.   His initials are B.M. (I don’t want to give his full name because it is not my intention to destroy anybody’s reputation).  Does anybody knows any doctor in the Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Fort Myers area I can look for? Any help means the world to me.  I have a JPouch since 2014 and lots of issues, so I need a very reliable and professional doctor.  

Thank you in advance for any ideas, 



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