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@Rob McLorinan You’ll find a wealth of information from dozens of folks here on this exact topic with a simple search for the word “sleep.” Just click on the magnifying glass icon.

My medication strategy is to take one (or occasionally two) Lomotil at bedtime, and rarely use it at all during the day. This lets me almost always sleep through the night, as long as pouchitis is under good control.

I do not fight with bathroom trips during the night.  If you stop fighting with it, your body adapts and lets you go back to sleep after trips.  They can be reduced with imodium, but in many or perhaps even most cases, it probably will not be completely eliminated.

It reminds me as well that when I signed my first lease it was a small 1 bedroom condo in downtown Fairfield right next door to the very busy Fairfield train station. Maybe less than 100 yards from the train tracks.  This was back in 1995 or so.  For the first two weeks I could not get to sleep because I heard the trains all night.  I called my father at the time and told I was going to have to break the lease because I could not get to sleep.  He said, give it time.  Funny thing but shortly after that I stopped hearing the trains.  Your body adapts, it like tunes them out.  I lived in that condo for 5.5 years and I never heard the trains again after the first two weeks.  Your body simply adjusts.  Let it do that and don't fight and it will adapt over time.

Yeah, I'm not overweight, but nor am I underweight.  I eat more calorie-dense foods than I used to, I guess. 

As far as I know it's better for the j-pouch if you keep your weight optimal and intra-abdominal fat low.  I donated a kidney (back before I got sick with ulcerative colitis) and my surgeon said it's best not to gain weight after kidney donation either.  Less chance for hernia, type2 diabetes, etc. 

I spend 4 nights a week with my significant other.  It's so easy to be disciplined when I'm with him because I hate being "heard" in the bathroom and waking him up.  We usually eat late due to his work, but as long as I have a very small meal that doesn't trigger anything bad and go to the bathroom right before we go to bed I have 1 or no trips to the bathroom.  On the nights I'm with him, I also take a lomotil.  The last 3 nights I didn't get up at all!

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