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Hey Gang!

In just a little over a weeks time, I get my K pouch. As many of you know, I've been waiting since last November. It's being done here in Toronto, at Mount Sinai Hospital by Dr. Zane Cohen. He's the only surgeon in Canada that does K pouches, hence the long wait. Up until a week ago, I was really looking forward to it, and I still am, to some degree, but now, reality is kicking in, and to be honest, it's scaring the crap out of me! (no pun intended!lol!). I'm starting to remember how I felt during my last series of GI surgery over 20 years ago, NOT very happy memories. I know I'm being a total wimp, and this is something I desperately need to get done (been putting it off for years, hoping my j pouch pouchitis would somehow go away). I have complete faith in Dr Cohen and his staff, the fact that I'll be under for 7 hours, and the success rate is 70% is kind of getting on my poor little brain. Did any of you guys get cold feet before hand, and if so, how did you deal with it? I have a pretty good idea of what to expect, I only pray I don't have another abscess. Back in 1990 or so, I had a wicked abscess, which required another surgery to fix. I'm keeping everything crossed with he hopes everything goes smoothly, and I'm sure it will, just wish I could shut my brain off, try as I may, I can't stop thinking about it! Thanks for letting me vent!


Eeker Eric Eeker
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I just wanted to say best wishes with your upcoming surgery. I know how unnerving that feeling of the impending surgery day is. I was so scared that day I was crying hysterically as they were wheeling me into the OR. My poor surgeon had to play phychiatrist that day too! You will do great....think happy thoughts. Smiler
Hi Eric,
Sorry for the hibby-gibbies...I understand matter how much you wait and want and hope for the surgery you end up paralysed with fear a few days before...I just did crazy-dumb stuff like dying my hair red or renting out my apt (why?????!!! where was I planning to live????) or writing a will at 32...I just kept busy, busy, busy and ran around like a nutcase, doing all of the stuff that I knew that I could not do post-op...preparing food and shopping, doing tons of girl stuff (waxing, plucking, cutting, manicuring etc)...just kept busy to avoid the thinking part...and by the way, surgry now as compared to 20yrs ago is totally different.
I did not feel the pain like the pre-morphine drips, I did not suffer from anything other than a bit or nausea and grogginess and I was up and walking around the next day..Thank you Morphine!
I found the nurses kind at Mt Sinai and very understanding...they are used to us. The protocol is like a well oiled machine.
As long as there are no real complications then you will be just fine...and even then, there are drugs for that stuff too.
Hang in there Eric, Keep busy and see lots of friends and family...prepare movies, books, magazines and visits and get your home 'Post-op ready'.
Hugs Sharon
I def. had cold feet going into my j-pouch surgery. I was diagnosed with LGD after 26 yrs of UC and started telling myself, I will just keep getting colonoscopies every 3-6 month and if it changes to HGD I will get the surgery. Of course that was my cold feet talking Smiler Good luck on your k-pouch surgery. I pray everything goes well and you can get back to life.
Of course you're getting cold feet. Who wouldn't. Go out and buy some slippers. You KNOW you can cancel that surgery right up until the moment they put you under, so no worries there.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have that studid crystal ball? (And yes, I am sure where you'll go with that one.....)

You'll do just fine. You know you will.

kathy Big Grin
He is a good surgeon. I know the BCIR Docs recommend him so at least know that. Also think of how better your life will be switching to the K with issues the J has given you. I gained 20 pounds before my surgery! If it wasn't pie I didn't want to eat it :-) You'll be fine. It is also easier going into this surgery if you already had a colon removed from what I hear. I had everything removed then the bcir done. It was a rough first week but was able to manage after that.
Best wishes for you on your upcoming surgery. I think it would be abnormal not to have cold feet for surgery, think most of us has. I know I have. But as you say you have complete in your surgeon and staff so that hopefully can make you feel a little better at ease about it all.
Thanks guys! Just took my Pico-Salax prep, tastes god awful! Feel my belly 9pm I also have to do a mineral oil enema, fun times! Tomorrow is my pre op and scope, then, next Tuesday the 19th, it's d day, I know I'll be fine, I've been through much worse, toxic mega-colon's don't tickle, but I'll still be a big cry baby the day of, you know me, anything for attention! Lol! I'll keep you posted, or I'll have Freddy, my hubby, do it for me, thanks for the kind words!

Eeker Eric Eeker
@ Sharon, that would be awesome!!!!! Please don't go out of your way, but if you're in town, please, come on by, if I'm sleeping, wake me up!!!! @ Kathy, no point in lubing up something I can't use! Lol! Never ended up using the enema, big sign on the box stating "DO NOT use if you have UC". No matter, scope went fine, as did the pre op, now just have o wait for a week!

Yes, I did.

I took him a fancy scarf too...he needed something nice to make him smile.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a visit from a friend...a little bit of humor, a few jokes and a hug go a long way to help people feel less lonely.

Please, please, if and when possible, go visit someone in the hospital or at home convalescing, who needs help, warmth, friendship or a coffee from the outside world.

I always visit and never empty-handed...even strangers. A flower, a stuffed animal, a scarf to keep their necks warm or fuzzy socks...hit the dollar store and make a basket...for 10$ you can practically change someone's life...even if it is for just a while.

And Eric is having his own challenges news is usually very bad news when it comes to him. 

His life, has been covered it speed-bumps, potholes and mountains to climb.

Wishing him well


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