Hello. I have J pouch year and a half. I had UC.
I could have lasted 7 hours without sleep, I had to get to the toilet during the last month. Do you have any advice on slowing down digestion? High'm 184 cm and weighs 64 kilograms. Please advice how to gain weight?
I'm also interested in what are the symptoms of chron at j pouch?
Thanks, my english is bad, so i used google

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Hello brother I would suggest you to start taking fiber supplements like metamucil/pysillium husk to bulk up your stools. Also to gain healthy weight eat lots on bananas, oats, chicken, eggs (boiled), brown breads, rice, sweetpotato these are the foods that give me less gas and better stool consistency.

Thanks for the advice. I eat everything, I have appetite, I do not smoke. I tried pysillium, no special effect. I suspect something is wrong, food is passing too fast.

Enterin, try pasta with chicken or beef, and pour some olive oil over the food just before you eat. Try not to use olive oil for high heat cooking (frying, sautéing) because cooking destroys the goodness of the oil. Olive oil drizzled over cooked food or in soup is good, a good fat, and the pasta and chicken/beef will give you protein and carbohydrates. Dip nice bread in good olive oil and eat. Peanut butter or almond butter, very high in good fats. Try to have a balance of protein, carbohydrate and a good fat in each meal. Try sliced avocado on toast. Slow cooked oatmeal with a bit of cream (!) and a sliced banana mixed in. Do you drink water during meals?  Water might be pushing your food through your system too fast. Drink before, or after a meal, not with your meal. Eat good fats. Bad fats can upset your stomach and make you go all the time. 

I eat everything you wrote down winterberry and I haven't been able to gain weight either. For some of us, we just don't gain weight. I've tried two years to gain weight and I am still 10 pounds underweight. We are talking 105 pounds. Doctors aren't any help. Neither was my nutrionist.

I was sitting at 101 pounds after takedown. And I've put around  18 pounds since then its been 5 months. Have you tried working out ? I hit the gym 6x a week, I know its more than needed but I love exercising once a day. Also I find that one hour of grinding very much relaxing helps me sleep better. Peanut butter, yoghurt, almonds, walnuts, cheese, meat are all great sources to put on weight. I think it has to do with metabolism with some of us we are just hard gainers (ectomorphs) but I think with working out and a proper scheduled diet we can too put on some muscles.

I drink water during meals. I'm trying to get more water. When I'm doing exercises, I'm still accelerating metabolism, so I'm discouraged. It's all right. I just still need it. . . 5 pounds and more sleep in continuity

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