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Hey all, Hope you are all managing you health ok amidst the covid situation.

I have just found out I need to have a gastroscope next Tuesday due to intestinal bleeding / nausea etc. My gastroenterologist wants to go in from  the stoma (as well as throat). I've not experienced that before - have any of you?

Any experience with the risks  ? eg potential damage to stoma?

I had Jpouch removed 2 yrs ago. So its an end ileostomy.

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I had a scope through my stoma (at the time my CRS was also checking out the healing pouch prior to takedown (had lots of complications after stage 2). I’ve also had numerous red rubber catheters shoved into my end and loop ileo during SBOs which are about the size of a scope and they go in blind without sedation. Fortunately, the intestine doesn’t have the same type of innervation as muscle or skin all I felt was pressure and a pinching sensation. I was out for the scope so didn’t feel anything. Stoma bled a little with the caths but no damage done. The stoma is pretty tough so wouldn’t worry about it too much. Best of luck.

The risks are pretty much the same as any endoscope, with perforation being one of the major concerns. The endoscope is small diameter, so damage to the stoma is very unlikely. This is a fairly common procedure and I am sure your GI has experience. But, be sure to ask your GI these questions so he can put you at ease. If you are really concerned, ask for a phone appointment in advance of your procedure, so you can be fully informed before you are there in a gown ready for sedation. This is routine stuff for them, but not you.


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