I had a j pouch created during June 14 and I'm due for take down within next couple of months, however since surgery I've been admitted to hospital every month due to severe dehydration and acute kidney failure.

Prior to hospital admission, I experience minor stomach spasms which gradually become more severe & nauseating, not necessarily stomach cramps but very uncomfortable.

On one occassion I was vomiting & unable to hold down fluids.

The output of my Stoma is initially diarrhea then eventually pure liquid and I'm emptying very frequent, far more than normal.

I also lose my appetite, although on this occassion I've not been vomiting.

Prior to J pouch surgery, I had an end ileostomy for 9 years and during that time I was drug free and never experienced any flare ups or hospital admissions.

On this occassion, I've bees admitted to two different hospitals, one hospital twice and the diagnosis is Gastroenteritis ?

My intial thought was that I had a blockage but this has been dismissed due to the result of X-ray.

It has been suggested I have probiotics drinks to balance the bacteria in my gut ?

I'm surprised I'm experiencing such difficulties only since the J pouch surgery.

All opinions welcome.
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Are you taking anything to slow your bowels? I needed close to the maximum dose of loperamide every day when I had my loop ileostomy to avoid dehydration. Many others here needed more than that (e.g. lomotil, tincture of opium, codeine, etc). It's a normal consequence of how high in the intestine the loop ileo is.
My output is normally thick without loperamide, although I do take upto eight per day, kind of as and when required to slow down the output rather than thicken it.

Since June and inbetween these episodes of dehydration I've been recovering well.

It begins with nauseating stomach spasms, which is very uncomfortable, creating a shiver through my body as I feel the colostomy bag fill and as I'm expelling more fluids than I can replenish, I dehydrate very quickly, which results with an admission to hospital.

My J pouch was created mid June and returning home by end of June.
My first re-admission and diagnoses of Gastroenteritis was mid July, then mid August and now Sept.

i am under the impression there is no point in taking probiotics when you have an ileostomy as everything just passes through.

once the j pouch is activated and it becomes a 'storage' site, then its beneficial to have friendly bacteria there.

if you have gastroenteritis can't you get tested for that?

as for dehydration, when my output was very liquid after surgery i drank the st marks solution which you can make yourself at home and drink as much as you want

drinking more water will actually make you more dyhdrated.
I haven't been on this site since my last post of mine that you commented on; I am about 4 weeks since my J pouch construction; sounds like I am having similar symptons. Lot of nausea and my bag is filling up with complete liquid several times a day; I made a trip to the ER last Friday (Sept 5th) and received two bags of IV fluid for dehydration...thought I was drinking enough, however, it appears once you can't keep up with the bag output, it's already to late. Trying to re-adjust to things now, added over the counter Imodium A-d (Mint Flavor) once or twice a day. Added steamed rice yesterday and that really thickened things up...looking to establish that balance of consistency so I don't get dehydrated again. Other than that, basically dealing with tolerable off/on rectal pain right now.

In regard to the probiotics, it was suggested it'll balance the bacteria in the gut, however, no more been mentioned about it since and it was initially suggested by the Gastro medical team.

My Stoma output is not continuously watery, most of the time I'm well, fit & active, even since the creation of the j pouch and I've been recovering very well.

My stoma output is normally of a milky porridge like consistency.

However, on 3 occassion I've developed mild stomach spasms, which are very uncomfortable and gradually become more servere, in unison with the Stoma output; there's no pain.

All this occurs within 4 to 5 hours and I eventually become so weak I'm admitted to hospital and the dehydration is a by product, so to speak, of the stomach upset.

I consume the correct intake of fluids and I also drink the St Marks rehydration solution 2 or 3 times per week depending on my activities as well as salty snacks.

I was diagnosed with UC during 1993 and I've had a end ileostomy for 9 years, during that time I've consumed the correct intake of fluids and I've never required any treatment for Crohns or Colitis since 2005.

Even with the end ileostomy and now the loop ileostomy, my Stoma output has always been thicker than expected or what's regarded as normal, however, I've been prescribed loperamide, upto 6 or 8 per day to help slow down my output & the thickening of the output is inevitable.

Yet again, after 5 days hospital admission, I've been discharged today and none the wiser; same diagnosis... Gastroenteritis, don't know how or why and neither does the medical team which has been looking after me ?
Johnny J Pouch;
After the creation of my J pouch, my Stoma output was continuously watery, for at least 4 weeks, it was this kind of output which consisted of bile acid which caused the burning and erosion of the skin around my Stoma.

During 15 to 20 days after surgery, I too was nauseous and I was producing too much bile acid, so much so, I had to have a nose tube inserted to drain the bile from my stomach.

I even vomited a few times too.

Due to the vomiting, the over production of acid and the expulsion of fluid from my body, I too became dehydrated; luckily I was still in hospital recovering from surgery, therefore, I was provide with the equivlent measure of fluids lost via IV.

Once this was under control I was able to leave hospital and the watery, green stoma output was condidered normal, even though it was burning my skin.

By the begining of July my Stoma output had thickened and was brown in colour; considered normal and acceptable by my Stoma nurse, although somewhat thick and still burning.

Although your symptoms are similar, I believe your body is actually adjusting to the changes made to your intestine during surgery; I must admit, when I was experiencing the same, especially the burning skin, it made me question whether I had made the right decision to have the J pouch created, however I'm past that now and eventually you will too.

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