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I just got new insurance so I went to a new primary care doc for a physical.  I have been struggling with my weight for quite some time now.  I have uncontrollable cravings, and I asked him about some weight loss medications.  He suggested that I consider the gastric sleeve, but he wasn't sure if I'd be a candidate considering I have a j-pouch.  He did some blood work and said I will see him in 2 weeks and we will "come up with a plan".

I have a friend who had the gastric sleeve and she has had amazing success with it.  

Does anyone know if having a j-pouch would prevent or cause problems with me getting that type of procedure done?

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Hi Kharma,

I am not very sure about this but I think that having a j pouch might just make any sort of bariatric surgery rather dangerous (I am no expert here).

We already have a compromised digestive tract...that said, I understand the frustration that you must be feeling about not being able to control your weight or cravings.

There are other methods that may help you to lose the weight without putting your health into further danger...something less invasive and more the lapband may work just as well without you having any of your gut removed.

I have a lot of friends who have had great success with it and I know for a fact that it can be tightened, loosened or removed if need it won't compromise your system.

I am a true believer in diet and exercise whenever possible but I also know that not everyone has the wherewithal to carry through with a program.

Talk to your doctor about options but never, ever put your health at risk.


I was able to e-mail the surgeon who did my j-pouch regarding this.  He said that having a j-pouch should not have an impact on whether I'm eligible for the gastric sleeve, but most bariatric surgeons will take into consideration whether I've had any other abdominal surgeries, because it could make a laparoscopy difficult due to the scarring inside.

A good laparoscopic surgeon can deal with most abdomens, as long as they are patient and methodical. They have to be willing to deal with each adhesion, one at a time, as their schedule for the day becomes impossible to maintain. Not all surgeons have such a temperament.

I had a very challenging kidney procedure done laparoscopically a few years back. The surgeon just had to work his way through the thicket.

A few years ago I needed to have a hysterectomy.  My obgyn surgeon insisted he would be able to do it laparoscopically.  My colorectal surgeon did not agree with him.  I made sure my obgyn surgeon knew I was perfectly fine with him performing open surgery.  He tried to do it lapraroscopically but couldn't get through the adhesions.  So, open surgery it was and he opened me up along the same scar line I had from my proctocolectomy.   It was the easiest recovery I've ever had from any surgery and everything healed quickly.  Fingers crossed for you!

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Well it’s been a few years and still struggling with my weight over here lol. I’m seriously considering having the sleeve procedure. One of my colorectal surgeons told me “never do it” and another told me it should be fine as long as it’s the sleeve and not gastric bypass.

I had a consultation with a bariatric surgeon who said it’s doable as well. I believe I had read a post on here that said God forbid you were to get pancreatic cancer and needed a whipple done, it wouldn’t be possible. The surgeon reassured me that this was not the case, however, chances of long term survival with pancreatic cancer aren’t high anyway - I know this since I work at a cancer hospital under a GI oncologist.

However, the surgeon did say that were someone with a j-pouch who also had a gastric sleeve were to ever get esophageal cancer, a certain type of surgery that’s often performed to remove the cancer wouldn’t be possible.

Hopefully I’d never have to worry about that, but it is something to consider.


Must it be a permanent solution??? There are some semi-temporary solutions that you could consider that will give you the same results without putting your health at risk...Like the Lap-Band.

They fit a sort of doughnut around the upper part of your stomach through keyhole surgery. It is much less invasive (usually) than the other surgeries.

Once recovered they inject the doughnut with liquid to inflate it and effectively cut off a percentage of the passage between the upper and lower parts of your stomach. It turns your stomach into a sort of hourglass with a much smaller top section (holds about a juice glass worth of food at a time)...the food must be well chewed and eaten in very small quantities, takes a long time to go through to the other side...reduces your sense of hunger (you get full with 3 bites) and the weight loss is dramatic without all of the dangers.

Most of the women in my 'French Family' over here have had it done, about 6 of them,...with incredible can be loosened or tightened, by the surgeon, over time and gives pretty much the same results without actually cutting out a piece of your stomach or shunting it.

You can keep it in place from 10-15 yrs (here the recommendation is to change it after 10yrs but it is not obligatory).

That said, my 'Little Sister' had the lap band for 10 yrs with great success although she did have it loosened a couple of times and put the weight back on, once they re-tightened it, the weight slipped back off.

For some strange reason, about 8 yrs ago, she got it into her head to have it problems with it, she just decided that she 'should'...well, about 100lbs came back in a, she shopped around and decided to do the bypass...I begged her not to, suggested that she return to the lap-band which had worked wonderfully or at least aim for the sleeve,...She is perfectly healthy other than the eating disorder...

She refused, went for the bypass...obviously someone who has never had constant diarrhea or digestive problems was as horrified by the results, running to the bathroom 25-40xs/Day in the she manages it but considers herself permanently handicapped and has not worked since. Tells me that I cannot understand what it means to be handicapped...she hates her life now.

I am not a doctor nor a psychologist but maybe the lap band compromise could be acceptable to you?

My only advice is to never do anything that could seriously compromise your health and leave you worse off than you are today.


Hi Sharon,

Lap band is actually what I was aiming for when I scheduled my consultation with the bariatric surgeon. Even though it’s listed as a procedure he does on his website, he told me he ‘wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy’ and that a gastric sleeve is the way to go.

I had a feeling that maybe the sleeve is more expensive and that’s why he was pushing for that so hard.

I personally would prefer something like the band that could be removed if needed. Maybe I’ll seek out a 2nd opinion.


I would absolutely agree with you...lap band surgery is the 'mildest' of the bariatric procedures and done through Laparoscopic surgery so no need for a long procedure, no need to cut your stomach or a lengthly general is much safer and certainly more reversible...

If he does them but will not do it on you then please, do get a second not allow yourself to get bullied into something that you do not is your body and your health, not his.


So I haven't gone through with the gastric sleeve yet, but I am considering it once again. I discovered another procedure called an "endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty", which doesn't involve any cutting and is basically stitching the stomach smaller so that less food is consumed. The good thing is that it is also reversible. However, considering that the procedure has only been around for about 10 years or so, it is not covered by insurance.

If anyone has any other stories or insight to share about having the sleeve or bariatric surgery in general with a j-pouch, I'd love to hear it.

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