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I had pretty bad stomach cramps similar to what would be before a really bad session of diarrhea- those cramps. Like you know it’s coming. They lasted for about two hours but nothing else happened. I did have a chicken burrito earlier in the eve but I didn’t chalk it up to the food because I was the only one that got sick. The stomach pain is so bad I need to go lay down- I can’t take care of the baby or put her down to bed- that’s how miserable I am...

Anyhow, it happened the next day too. And then it happened again this week after I ate some bland pasta, so I don’t think it’s the food??

Ive been dealing with some mild pouchitis that I take cirpro for (since Jan)- been able to ween down to 250 mg every other day, so I wouldn’t chalk it up to pouchitis.

Could it just be a sensitive stomach? I don’t have a galbladder anymore so it can’t be an attach - plus it wasn’t sharp pain, it was more like cramps like impending D. 

Anyhow, your thoughts are appreciated. 

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