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hi all, I had my takedown 18months ago when I was in hospital I got very very sick they took me to theatre again to have a look inside and they told me afterwards that when they did this a lot of pus and mucus just drained out itself. After I came home I experienced what felt like air bubbles coming up or through the vagina I thought nothing much of it because I had this sort of thing happen even before I had the pouch, sort of like just trapped air in the vagina from moving around and so on, but 2 weeks ago for the fist time I got really scared, I had extreme gas in my tummy and as I lay down it came out the front, last night the same happens but more intense and their was noise to, no stool has ever passed from my vagina I think, but I do have some mucky discharge with some blood to. I have just finished antibiotics for a uti also. I had a smear test today and the nurse said everything seemed ok up there but there was some blood inside so she took a swab, there was also some blood in my urine. The results will be back next week. When the gas passes there is no pain and it's very very rare it happens, both times it has happened I've had a trwmendous amount of gas in my tummy and felt an intense pressure inside my vagina.

please can anyone help? Does this definitely sound like a fistula or could it be something else? How are they fixed and will I have to loose my pouch? Also I'm scared will I have to get a urostomy if I had a bladder fistula?

any advice would be so helpful

thank you so much in advance


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Hi Sally- I had a rectovaginal fistula. I passed a lot of air but I also passed stool. I agree with Brewbirds, go see your GI. I tried biologics to heal my fistula as well several surgeries. Nothing worked for me but that's me. Others may have success stories. Odd no stool passes so it is questionable what's going on. See your doctor & keep us posted! Kara

Sally, the air/gas has to come from somewhere, and that's generally the gut, even if there doesn't seem to be any stool. A recto-vesical fistula connects the gut to the bladder, and that can produce the air you describe, though "recto" isn't quite right when the rectum has been removed, so it would really be a pouch-vesical fistula. Good luck.

Thanks for explaining that to me Scott, it all seems very scary, has anyone had experience of a bladder fistula? And can it heal and how? Or does it always mean getting rid of the pouch? I'm worried about chrons to, I don't think I have any other symptoms my body aches when I have a flare and I did have some erythema nodosum which cleared up after the rectum was removed and pouch I'm not sleeping with worry

Sally, the worry is generally worse than the reality. The first step is to find out what's really going on, and avoid assuming the worst. For example, rather than a fistula you could have an unusual UTI that produces gas. The key is to have a knowledgeable and methodical gastroenterologist that you trust. 

Thanks so much Scott, I was really hoping it was a uti causing this but my biggest worry is when the gas build up in my tummy it's forced out the front sometimes and then the gas pressure is relived and if it was gas from a uti it wouldn't come out of the back at the same time? I'm terrified I really am, I've got appointments next week but I'm just so scared I know what they will say, with a fistula if I'm just getting some gas passing sometimes can I just grin and bare it if it doesn't get worse? Or do they always need treating?

Sally, sounds like you are taking the steps to figure out this issue. I know how it feels to worry about the unknown, but you will surely get some answers after your procedures. Your GI should give you the full scope regardless & you can move forward from there. Rest easy if you can and positive thoughts sent your way. Kara

Thank you Scott and Kara, I've been pretty depressed sonce there is know still coming out of he vagina, I seem to have no control and leaking from back passage also and burning, and a lot a lot a lot of gas pressure, I've never had leaking before not even straight after surgery in the hospital, and there is the same colour passing from the front, I seem to have completely loose stools now also, so I've got a fistula! I'm so depressed I can't carry on with work like this and I only just started back 2 months ago it was going so well, after being home with kids and ill for 6 years, does a fistula heal and what is the process? A seton drain seems to mean that you let the stool pass from the front?? I don't think I could cope with that, and surgery seems very low success rates, what can I do? Any ideas would be helpful, an positive stories would be great xx

Sally, I certainly can identify with what your feelings. Setons have been helpful for many members; there are as biologics and minor surgical procedures to 'close' the fistula (a flap surgery). There are options and your GI & a colorectal surgeon can help you after they identify the fistula. In the meantime, panty liners and depends may be necessary to help with the leakage. Try not to worry, but easier said than done. Unfortunately, my fistula did not heal but my jpouch was failing too so I had it removed to an ileo (then to a kpouch). I am just getting back to work too after another long absence & it is frustrating. Review the forums if you haven't done so already & you will find many more posts on this exact issue & hopefully ease your mind. Hang in there.

Thanks so for your reply Kara, I'm so glad your feeling better and back to work  

i thought I'd give an update, I had a defacating pouchogram and they found I cannot empty properly but no obvious sign of fistulas, it is there though because when I get the extreme gas in my tummy if comes from the front, today there was some smell to buy still no stool touchwood, sorry for so much info, I'm having a pouchoscopy on Friday and then talking to the consultant the following week, i don't know what they will say but the pouch nurse sounds like they won't be investigating to much and she said people live with them and manage but I want to know if it could branch off or get worse and I keep getting told you have uc not chrons. but it can change right? I don't know what to do about it all still!

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