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when your pouch is full or when you have a lot of gas, do you get groin pains? Is that normal, or just in the early days? sometimes I feel my pouch is pushing onto my bladder or vagina when there is more gas, and it can be uncomfortable and actually painful, until I empty the pouch. Does this get better with time?

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I had a lot of problems with my bladder in the beginning. It was prolapsed into my vagina but self corrected after a painful weekend. I went to the ER as the pain got too bad and my bladder had moved back into place and I had a bladder infection that was more painful than I'd ever had before. I had a hysterectomy years ago so I'm not sure how that affected it all.

The ER Dr. examined me and it was no longer prolapsed. My Internist checked it and it was prolapsed before that. I had an appointment with my OBGYN so I went to it anyway and all way ok except I had a yeast infection too.

My theory is that they have to move our insides a lot to do the operations and they probably get a little swollen as well. I think my bladder just took it's time getting back in place. It still is different than before the surgeries. Sometimes I can not go #1 until I go #2. Sorry guys if this is TMI.

So check for bladder and yeast infections as they might be the/a problem. Also a visit to your OBGYN might be in order.
I am new to the forum as well but had to respond to this. YES! I would get total pain/spasm in my groin/whole pelvic floor when my pouch was full. It would send everything into spasm so bad until I would go to the bathroom. Gas made it so much worse. It would radiate into my left butt cheek and down my leg too. After about 2 months now...had my takedown surgery 11/29 they have finally started to subside. My surgeon also prescribed some Levsin which seemed to help quite a bit.

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