I’ve had my takedown on 9th November and things were going well, despite the 15+ BMs and gas and the itching and burning. Two weeks ago I thought I had things even better under control as I was able to pass wind most of the time without even lying down. Then since last week when I moved back home (from UK to PL) things have gotten rather annoying. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve eaten more/different food or a bit of strain from the move, but my butt burn has gotten worse, even when gas comes out it burns really bad. I’ve even got flecks of light blood on my TP. No other symptoms though. I’ve started washing with water in the bathtub and it’s a little bit better but hurts very much. And it seems a bit tighter/drier? BMs come through ok, but when gas wants to go it causes issues. I use nappy cream and a cream with lanolin but it’s hard. I go between 5-7 times, most of it after 6pm.

Another thing is that I’ve had since basically the beginning and I don’t know how ‘normal’ that is but I have this constant air collecting in me. It’s ok when I’m sitting or lying, it’s not so much, but whenever I move or even just get up it’s like a valve has been opened and it puts pressure around my bottom. I use gas reducing tablets and drink fennel tea, but they don’t seem to be much help.

I’m waiting for my insurance here in PL so I can go to a doctor. So for the moment any help is most welcome.

Thank you!

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Hi Aemi, sorry to hear you are having trouble. Have you tried fiber supplements? Like metamucil. It bulks up the stool. There are all kinds of creams you can use. I personally use ilex paste. Also wet wipes are good or if you like alot of people on here swear by bidets. I know how you feel about the gas. Just finding what works for you is rough. I started taking Beano with everything I ate. That really helped me. I'm almost 7 months out and that has gotten better, though I have my days. I hope this has helped a bit. Good luck to you.


Aemi, have you tried taking probiotics to put some good bacteria back into your system?  Your system might be stressed from the move, the food, and just general day to day. You can find probiotics in tablets (some types need to be kept in fridge), or by drinking kefir (try to find kefir that is not loaded with sugar --  sugar can cause intestinal problems). I used to drink Bio/K which has 50 billion bacteria in each little bottle. Plain flavoured Greek yogurt might help, but I'm not sure it will have the high amount of bacteria you need. At least it will give you lots of protein. If you are taking any kind of antibiotic, remember to take the probiotic at least four hours before or after, not at the same time or the anti will kill all the good bugs in the probiotic. Also be careful of your (hidden) sugar and carbohydrate intake, both of which can cause excess gas.

Also look into enzyme tablets to help food digestion. A good cream to heal sore and rashy skin is Zincofax, which is made for babies. My hospital handed me a big jar when I was discharged, and no other cream worked as quickly or effectively. It has to in order to calm angry babies' bums!

You are in early days after your November takedown. For my early days I was doing so well, but then suddenly each week brought a new problem. I thought the burning, frequency, pain, etc., was the new life. From the start, I used a bidet travel bottle, then bought a bidet attachment for the toilet. My surgeon advised me to chew everything thoroughly so my pouch didn't have to work so hard to expel. Drink more water (or broth) than you think you need. And suddenly, around the eighth month everything seemed to settle down. No real problems now. I hope the same for you. Happy holidays. 

Thank you very much AIMC and WINTERBERRY

I thought that’s what it was, but with everything going on I just wanted to be sure. I have to constantly remind myself that it hasn’t even been two months even though it seems like a lot of time has passed and I feel so much better after this surgery.

I already take probiotics and drink some kefir as mum does too and made me do it as well haha. Yesterday I used mum’s cream Tormentiol which had a got zinc that she uses for everything and that seems to help a lot and the burning is a bit better. Went back to a low residue diet as well as I might’ve overdone it with home food -.- And our bathtub is next to the toilet so I clean up there and that helps too. I haven’t tried the enzyme tablets so will give that a try too. 

Thanks again and Happy Holidays  

It is possible that you have pouchitis. Your doctor can test for it and prescribe antibiotic(s) like ciprofloxacin and possibly Flagyl. In the meantime, while you are waiting to see a doctor, try to avoid eating foods with flour / wheat. Hopefully this will reduce your gas.

Good luck!


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