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Garlic, peppers, lentils.  Probably onions too.  I have never found what calms it down.  The gas isn't usually painful, it's just annoying because a fart while upright can too easily become a shart.  Most of the time inverting really helps release the gas without anything liquid and also lying on the right side often works.  I haven't found anything that actually reduces the amount of gas.  I'd love to hear it if someone has.  The gas meds at the drug store don't do anything for me except make me feel kinda bad. 

I agree with Sara, nothing seems to make it go away or keep it from forming. I suggest trying the low fodmap diet to see what foods cause you the most gas.

I have uncomfortable gas pain all the time, the low fodmap diet helped figure out some of my worst triggers but also severely limited what I can eat.

My next step is trying to have more small meals, I have trouble not just having 3 large meals a day. I should be trying for 4 to 6 smaller meals.

I can't pass gas without a high likelihood of passing some stool/wetness.

Good luck

I have tried Gas-X.  That's the stuff that just makes me feel bad but has no effect on the amount of gas.  I can't remember exactly what the bad feeling was, but I know I bought some, took it once or twice, then nixed it.  I think it's supposed to be more helpful with gas pains from small stuck bubbles higher up in the alimentary canal than the pouch.

So, I have been dealing with gas for past 3 years and my doc kept saying try FODMAP, gasx, gripe water, pepto bismol. Except FODMAP, everything worked to cure gas. But nothing prevented gas from happening.

Recently, it was soo bad, my GI ended up doing a CT enterolgy and I went to my surgeon. He suspects I might have SIBO and treating that might fix this problem. Will keep you all posted.

Gasx works for me in that, I  do not get painful bubbles .There seems to be less of it, and I am able to to pass it lying down.

admittedly, some days there seems to be more. I think it is one of those things we can reduce but not eliminate.

as for smell, sometimes it’s nasty hydrogen sulfide smell.

I’ve also had diagnosed SIBO; and that produced, with nothing to stop it, the nastiest, foul smelling gas and stool of my entire life.

admittedly, I have never tried a fodmap diet and I eat tons of carbs.

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