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I am 5 months past take down and recently having painful gas issues, almost exclusively at night time, significantly impacting my sleep. I read through a recent thread here on this which was helpful but a bit overwhelmed related to diet and a few other questions  

  • Since early Feb, I have done 2 Flagyl courses for what I thought could be pouchitis. The 1st round took care of my symptoms right away but they came back a week later. 2nd round worked initially, but symptoms started back before I finished the course. QUESTION - how do you tell what her your having just gas issues v pouchitis? My symptoms now are rolling pain waves near tail bone, ease if I pass gas, but keep coming; mucus and awful butt burn. Fine during the day.....

  • I’m currently doing Imodium before each meal, Simethicone 2xday and Visbiome powder 1/day. I am now going to add Beano when eating carb meals. 

  • Diet - this has me confused. I know the standard gas-producing foods to avoid. I am also cutting out alcohol which I had tried to add back in (a glass of wine during a pandemic would be nice!). Now I read that cutting carbs & sugar help. I know diet is very individual as far as what helps and what doesn’t. Anyone here have success in dealing with bad gas issues and didn’t cut out everything that is enjoyable?? (again...pandemic... home 100% of time, homeschooling, etc - a cookie or a good sandwich is something to look forward to!) But, this pain is enough that I’ll do whatever will help. 

Thank you! 


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The reason why I had the gas is because I changed my diet. I gave up meat, it lasted 2 months I couldn’t take the tremendous gas pains any longer, plus I wasn’t  getting enough protein. I’m back to eating mainly chicken, some fish. Never been able to tolerate dairy, chocolate. I don’t have a gallbladder so I limit my fat intake. Since I’m back on my regular diet I don’t have any need to take gas meds, every once in a while 

Hi, sorry to hear that you are experiencing gas pain. You may still be experiencing pouchitis, just flygal may not have been enough to fully get rid of it. You can tell if it's pouchitis when or if the antibiotics work, since you said that they were helping and stopped makes me think that.

I find I get tail bone pain when I am experiencing pouchitis, I also get the same pain being dehydrated. As for diet I suggest the low fodmap diet, it's supposed to help figure out what is causing you gas. Food/diet sucks, so try and figure out what works for you.

As for the only thing I found that has helped me with gas pain and sleep is cannabis. It doesn't work for everyone but has helped me.

Good luck

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