I have had my pouch for nearly two years and take Fibercon and up to 8 Imodium daily.  I still have a lot of gas that hurts because I cannot safely pass gas without getting to the toilet.  I have taken Metamucil it does not seem to work any better for me.  I get so uncomfortable because I am making the gas stay in until I get to a restroom. Does anyone have advice?

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Matt, have you reduced gassy foods from your diet? Have you tried Beano when you eat cruciferous vegetables? Have you tried reducing or eliminating the fiber, at least as an experiment? Have you tried substituting a very different kind of fiber (e.g. Benefiber)? Have you tried a probiotic? Have you discussed the possibility of SIBO with your GI doctor?

Don’t do all of these at once. Try one thing at a time, and be patient.

I found that Metamucil gave me horrid gas. I now take plan psyllium husks, but take a gas reducer (like Beano) with it. Anytime I think I may eat something that might cause gas, I take a couple of the gas reducer tablets.  (They work like Beano, but are just a store brand and usually cheaper.) Someone on this forum recommended a charcoal supplement, but I've never tried it.  

Does Benefiber have the same effect as Metamucil? I deal with frequent diahrrea and need something to help me to bulk stool.  I tried Metamucil once and caused more lots of gas, the my GI suggested Benefiber, but I’m afraid to take it thinking it will cause more diahrrea.  Any suggestions or opinions?



I have a JPouch since 2014 and lots of issues with my pouch, particularly Pouchitis.  Obstruction on 2016 that required a bid surgery to be fixed.

Had my surgery 25 years ago.  Best thing ever, but as we all know comes with its own set of issues.  Gas is probably my #1 complaint.  I use the restroom about 10x per day and about half of those trips are due to having to expel gas (obviously other things come out, but the gas pressure is what drives me to the restroom).  In full disclosure, I don’t do much to “manage” my pouch.  I’ve lived longer with a pouch than a colon, but need to be more proactive.  I have found that laying face down in a bed I am able to pass a significant amount of gas without the fear of leakage, but would like a better option, since laying on my stomach is not always an available option.  I’m sure inflammation pays a huge role, because if I take a few naproxen or ibuprofen the pouch is better, but don’t want to take those daily if I can avoid them.

Just ordered some VSL3 and going to give that a try.  Anyone know of some good ways to keep the gas down.  Do also take gasX and Imodium daily and avoid carbonated soda and lactose.  

Overall, I’ve been blessed with my results from my surgery but know I could be a little better.  Thanks for your advice.



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