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Hello! I have had my jpouch for three years and after it was created I was told I probably had crohns. Two rectovaginal fistulas later and it's been confirmed. I have been severely nasuseaous for over a week, burping/hiccups, dry heaving /vomiting (vomited up green bile yesterday), mild stomach pressure. Went to doc and am getting ultrasound, endoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy on Friday. He said it could be a number of things. Anyone had gallbladder problems or nausea/vomiting with a stricture? Anyone had these symptoms and what was the outcome?
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Hi AshleyAnn,
Yes, I had the nausea, vomitting green bile, back pain (like someone was stabbing me in the middle of my back), horrible headaches, burping turned out to be one very big gallstone...that was blocking the passage of the bile duct.
It took years to finally give in and have it out but the awful feeling went away within days of having it removed.
I still get occasional nausea when I am running on empty...Around noon if I haven't had anything to eat...or if I eat fried foods...But other than that, most of the other symptoms are gone.
I had it done through laporoscopy and stayed in the hospital 3 nights...perfect for me, one before and 2 after and was able to dress and walk out on my own 2 feet.
If it is the galbaldder then do not wait too is not worth the pain to keep it in.
For the rest, there a dozens of possibilities from food alergies, stomach virus to every 'itis' in the book.
You are usually fixed with a diagnosis after the ultrasound or IRM.
Keep us posted on the results

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