just came home from hospital again with partial blockage.  Been having long term problems with this had adhesion surgery last march hoping this would be the answer. But no been in hospital three times since plus treating the blockages at home with gastro graffin this last one was to much could not stop vomiting and pain . My usual doctor was not on duty so had his fill in he is saying maybe a functional problem when entering the pouch it not working ,ct scan showed up lymph gland near pouch and around outside of pouch looked inflamed so was given antibiotics my question is as have appointment on Wednesday is this functional problem fixable by surgery ?has anyone has similar problems would appreciate some input thank you   Susan 


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I'm not convinced that a functional pouch problem can cause obstructions severe enough to lead to uncontrolled vomiting. It's more likely that the adhesion surgery either failed to get the adhesions giving you the most trouble, or new ones developed in their place. I'm sorry you're going through this.

It might be possible you are having pseudobstructions, which is functional, but you have actual signs of inflammation/infection. Let's hope the antibiotics get you back on track.



So sorry, this really sucks...really.

I have been having partial and semi-obstructions on a regular basis with full blown occlusions/blockages that last up to 27hrs...

I have not found a one-size-fits-all solution yet...

I had a couple of hernias fixed with mesh and my surgeon took advantage of being in there to clip a few adhesions as well as release a loop of bowel that was adhesed  to the abdominal wall...

I thought that I was done but the spot where the bowel was adhesed is still giving me trouble...it seems to swell or twist or block every so often (too often) and leave me feeling like I have a football in my gut that can't get through.

My only choice is to stay on clear fluids, take either gravol or pain meds (anti-intuitive due to the fact that pain meds usually contain opioids that slow the gut and make things worse)...I massage my gut, stay in bed and walk around the house, bend, stretch, twist and roll until it passes.

I have now removed a lot of fibrous foods from my diet...less leeks, romain lettuce, or anything that could hurt me. 
That and I drink a lot of fluids and some juices that help break things down.

Unless you want to go back into O.R which is not always productive...the more they cut the more that grows...then you have to find a way to manage it as best as you can.

Good luck...this sucks


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