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Hello has anyone had any luck with a functional medicine doctor?  I just started to see one a few months ago.  I was not getting anywhere with my GI doctor.  I have been learning so many new things.  Mainly about paleo diet and nutritional supplements and have done some detailed blood tests.  I had been on Humira for about 2 years but the side effects always made me feel uncomfortable.  I wanted a more natural approach to healing my inflammation.  My issue is that I still get ulcers and inflammation in my pouch.  Looking for another opinion from a functional medicine doctor that specializes in UC.  Any suggestions would be great!

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@Minnesota Nice one of my doctors is similar to a functional medicine doc. He thinks outside the box, when I think most regular doctors don’t. Diet is a very big thing when it comes to Jpouches although a regular doctor just doesn’t go down that road, they usually send you to a nutritionist, I don’t find nutritionists help at all, I no what I can & can’t eat
40yrs into this and now the only med left for me is a biologic, it’s not something I’m looking forward to, but do hear they help.
If your not happy or worried about being on Humira, maybe you should find another GI doc, maybe one that specializes in the pouch. I found one last year, it was the best move for my health.

I hope your able to find someone to help you.

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Yes I had been in Humira but was always worried about possible lymphoma.  I have tried Mesalamine.  I am on a gluten-free, dairy free and almost sugar free diet.  The gluten free diet has made a huge improvement in how I feel and I lost 12 pounds without even trying.  

Maybe Remicade might possibly be the next step along with probiotics possibly. Hope everything works out

Remicade has a similar adverse effect profile as Humira or any other biologic, so if those adverse effects are the primary worry, switching to another biologic will not be a solution.

I have been dealing with UC and its adverse effects since 1972. I truly believe that there is no “natural” method of management that is long lasting. I actually thought I had wished my UC away with positive thinking after an initial severe pancolitis attack when I was 15. Of course, I was on steroids and that was what brought me around, and my 20+ years of remission was simply good luck. When it returned, it was unrelenting and refractory, leading to my j-pouch.

If you find something that works, please share it.

I was resistant to biologics initially, as I also am mindful of adverse effects. But, for me, they work. I try to keep reminding myself that there are adverse effects of continuous inflammation. It saps your strength, lowers your resistance to infection, and promotes chronic organ disease from the stress hormones. And yes, cancer is even more likely in the presence of chronic inflammation.

Best wishes on your journey to wellness!


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