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First of all I would like to say this is my first post and this website has been a collossal help over the past few weeks and those who respond are godsends.

I had my recmversal surgery coming up to 4 weeks ago. Compared to others story's i feel I've been quite lucky (bar one obstruction). I go to the toilet on average around 7 times, sleep through the night, I'm eating and drinking what I like without any burn and started back at the gym today.

My two complaints However, of which im hoping people can help. I actually feel I could get that number down to 5/6 times a day if I could fully empty, I never feel like I do then I have some quite uncomfortable feelings in my rectum between BM's. I've tried walking and some odd toilet positions lol. Could this be a stricture or is the usual behaviour early on?

Also, will the itching subside over time? The itching after a BM is a nightmare.

Thanks in advance. Richard :-)
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Hi Richard.


Sounds normal to me. I was like that in the beginning. You say you don't have butt burn, but you are getting itching so maybe you do have a bit of irritation in the anal canal. that can give you the feeling of not emptying.


I found it very helpful to clean with a  bidet and also apply some cream (calmoseptine/ilex) slightly inside the anus


also I like to take my time on the toilet as I have quite a large pouch and I think it takes me a few waves of emptying to get everything out. best not to force it so I play a game on my phone for 5-10 mins, relax and eventually its all out.


also a coffee a day helps me flush out the pouch and im not sure if I need it or not but 1 immodium before bed seems to reduce any acidity in the output


I have a big appetite, if I was more discipline with my eating I would probably go 5-6 time a day too. I find waiting in between meals is better than eating small meals throughout the day

I have tried to flush it out with 'loosening' foods and drinks but just found I emptied the same amount of stool, but just needed to go more. Still never felt fully emptied.

I will try those wipes, hopefully those in conjunction with the calmoseptine I've ordered the itching will subside over time.

I know I'm only 3/4 weeks out and have had a relatively easy ride compared to some but the smaller things can get you down with the reversal, time seems to be our best friend but I'm impatient haha.
I feel like most times I go I don't completely empty.  Sometimes when I go it looks like it came straight out of my intestines.  Shape and size makes me think it didn't stop in the Pouch.  I don't know if that's possible. I have no infections... Strictures.
Sounds like your doing pretty good.... Makin me jeleous.. Lol.
Good luck to you.

I am happy you're doing great sofar.

I as you, struggle to empty, my pouch is very well designed, so that you don't have urgency and continence problems (and is quite large and containing), but the problem is that I developed some hemorroid because of straining to empty, as in my case is not a sensation, but really, when you are almost emptied, it misses the "push" from the weight above to out the remaining.

I think that you could find beneficial the psyllium fiber (aka Metamucil); I advise you to try it, starting cautiously (half dosage first days) and see what happens!

Perhaps it will help even to lower your bathroom trips.


I had a stricture form about 4 weeks post takedown. It was difficult to empty and just generally uncomfortable. If you are really struggling to empty all the way it may be worth calling your surgeon and inquiring.  I felt so much better after the stricture was dilated. As far as the itching goes, I am 5 years into this and I still have days where the itch is bad. I use Calmospetine ointment and it takes the itch away instantly. I can't live without the's awesome.

Thanks for all the replies.

No haven't rest taken immodium thus far. I've actually been really loose the last 2 days and finally fully emptying. Just need to find a middle ground now where I am emptying but it's not too loose.

I'll have a look at the psyllium, I know a lot of the things reccomnded on here are pricey to get in the UK. Purchased beano and calmoseptine recently, and it want cheap lol.

it might be worth a trip to visit your surgeon. During my first two years of post op, my surgeon found that the opening between by jpouch and and small intestine was too small/narrow. He had his nurse give me self dilators and I had to work my way up to the one they wanted me to be at over a long course of time. It is defiently worth doing it because it helps the opening so you can have an easier time emptying. 


Also, if your getting itchy a small amount of desitin may help. It's really think and made for babies but when I was sick in the hospital with UC one of my nurses recommended it to me. Its messy but works well. Aquaphor sometimes helps too and it's not as thick. 

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