please could you give me any feedback on your experiences of eating Grapes Apples and other Fruits. 

I can only suck the juice out of grapes as terrified eating the whole grape will block me up. Also apples I do peel them. 

Also I struggle to get fluid down me as it fills me up. 

J pouch 29 years in Dec. 

Love my pouch but sometimes struggle with certain foods. 

Thank you 

Linzalisha xx

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I love fruit. My favorite way to eat them is blending them with Almond milk, protein powder, chia, and flax seeds for a morning smoothie. I can even get away with eating apples that way. If I eat whole, unblended food I have to remind myself to chew thoughly. I mainly eat fruit for breakfast or lunch, since I’d rather have output increased during the day rather than be up all night.


A hand-held immersion blender. My favorite toy and kitchen tool.

Doesn't matter what the fruit is or the fruit combo...just buzz it for a minute with or without ice.

My favorites are mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries), strawberry banana, mango banana, pineapple (beware, it can clog so use very little) with mango and banana or papaya, melon with lime.

Any and all of the above work wonders but generally I just throw whatever is in the fridge that needs eating into a jug, add crushed ice and blend.

The fruits that are iffy are usually anything with skins (yes, I peel too...Especially pears, grapes and apples), watermelon, unripe fruits like pre-season strawberries and unripe honeydew can send me into a blockage.

Try them all in very small quantities and then up it by one ( 5 grapes at a time...1/5th of a mango...)

Don't give up on fruits or veggies...just blend.



I'm not a 'mixer' of fruits with other food groups (no dairy, proteins...)...I believe that they digest better on their own than they do if mixed with other foods groups. You may want to limit your fruits to times of day...Before meals or in the mornings, on an empty stomach...so as to maximize your ability to digest them.


Personally I find too many acidic fruits (like the berries) give me savage butt burn.  

Also be cautious about mixing veg (celery out carrot etc) with fruit.  They do go but can make it harder to digest for us.


Just play around an see what work for you. I have no problems even eating apples (daily) but I seemingly can't take benefibre or psyllium like others can. 


Also consider the temperature of the drink.  Best to have it around room temperature.  Chilled may make it harder to digest.

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