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Thanks for the heads-up!  I registered for this.  I can't go to all of it, but I think it could be interesting if the doctors don't use too much jargon. It seems like it's supposed to be doctors talking to other doctors, so I'm prepared for some jibberish.  I wish they were recording it so I could re-watch, pause and look up terms that are unfamiliar....

you can still sign up at:

NB: the registration asks your profession and i put in: k-pouch patient and my institution is columbia.  it always goes through ok

it is friday and saturday afternoon.  always easier to get the recording if signed up.  once registered you will get the agenda.  then pick what you wish.

i've gone to two and find them helpful.  dr. shen likes to have comments from patients.  last time i collected some comments and submitted them.  willing to do so again.

stay well, jan

sara marie --nor did i get one.  i think they will send a link prior to the event.  sorry, but don't recall logistics from a year ago!  if i don't get a link by thursday i'll contact them and post info.  glad you are watching as interesting to hear discussions.  honesty i think they should have a patient participate.  jan

The jargon was pretty thick during yesterday’s sessions, but a few slides seemed like they might be of interest to some folks here. The first slide lists symptoms and diagnoses associated with pouch emptying problems, and the second lists possible treatments. The third slide is a bit confusing, but speaks to various circumstances around periodic pouchoscopy intervals.


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