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I've been out of the hospital exactly a week from having a possible partial obstruction after takedown. Symptoms were severe cramping and distended abdomen. Bowel rest and a four day hospital stay helped. Now I'm freaking out because the symptoms are back! I've had cramping all week but it progressively got worse yesterday. I've been massaging the area and putting the heating pad on it. I'm drinking but stopped eating anything in hopes it goes away. Scared out of my mind right now. This can't be happening again.
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Cate87, I had two bowel obstructions and the first was really bad.

The second obstruction I had was in 2006 and symtoms were the same as yours and I stayed in the hospital 5 days. I was on IV for 4 days and on the 5th day, they introduced solid foods to see how my body reacted. Then by late afternoon, after having a light breakfast of eggs and toast and a burger, they let me go home.

My first concern is if the hospital discharged you without testing to see if you can handle solid foods, then that was stupid on their part. If you had solid foods before you were discharged and if you did and had no problems, then that works in your favor.

Now when I had a major bowel obstruction in 1999, I was hospitalzed for two weeks. After I was discharged, I wanted to put on weight so I was going to eat a lot of red meat. The first time I had a hamburger, I was in sever pain with cramps. The second time, I ate chicken instead and had the same reaction. So I was terrified it was another obstruction so we called the doctor who could not understand why. About 10 minutes later he called back and asked what I ate and I told him. He asked for the chicken did I eat the skin which I did. Then he said, he neglected to inform me that I had Gall Stones and should have my Gall Bladder removed.

Of course I was pissed off because negelected to inform me was no excuse. So I went to the ER, and told them and they did an X-RAY and admitted me. I had the Gall Stones removed and then 2 days later, I had my Gall Bladder removed. Hospital stay was one week.

It could very well be that you have Gall Stones too. In any event, I would get to the doctor right away, even if it means to go to the ER. Again this is just my opinion.

If it is an obstruction, then you need to be hospitaized. Sorry if I sound as I am alarming you, but I would rather be safe then sorry. I hope this helps.

Gall stones is a good thing for me to ask. Never thought of that. The pain has been coming and going all day. I haven't eaten any meat. I've been eating pasta, mashed potatoes, applesauce, soups, and eggs. That's pretty much it.

I ate solid foods before they discharged me from the hospital. My stomach was soft and not dilated and my pouch test showed no distention or obstruction or kink. Nothing.

I'm not vomiting nor do I feel nauseous. Just belly cramps and some distention. I'm going to see how I do through the night and into tomorrow. Will most likely make an app with my surgeon for Monday either way.
Cate87, OK, maybe then is just your body getting used to eating and it just means you need time. For me, because I had Gall Stones, they said I should not eat meat, all kinds, chicked, red meat and portk, fried foods, and things like that. The fat of the meat is what was causing the problem. From what you said you ate, that should not bring on Gall Stones.

Check with your doctor like you said and hopefully it will get better. I hope you feel better very soon.

Going to see my doctor tomorrow. It's almost 3pm and I haven't had one bowel movement yet. This hasn't happened. I haven't eaten since last night in attempts to rest my bowels. Being hungry is making me feel ten times worse. I feel awful. Cramps are still present with gas pains but nothing is passing through. I'm so upset and aggravated.
Sorry you are having this trouble. If it is a blockage, when my daughter had them she would walk around a lot and also put her hips in the air, get down on your knees, and sway from side to side hoping to move something along.

Are you having urgency? She usually has the feeling like she has to go but nothing or hardly anything comes out until it passes.

Maybe you can call the dr's service and first ask who is on call, it just might be your dr, if not you can tell them to forget it, you'll call tomorrow.

Hope this passes soon.

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