Even though I had my surgery 19 years ago and had no problems, I have dealt with a mega flare for the last few years from goodness knows what exactly, probably stress related - maybe dry foods-  twice a year. Strangely it’s usually in the Spring and Fall. The flare swells nearly shut the opening that the surgeons call the “cuff”. The area where my small intestine was stitched to form the Jpouch. Like I was saying it has been nearly 19 years since the surgery and I guess over time has formed some adhesions and scar tissue there.. but when I flare, my intestines will almost lock up and block anything from passing through the pouch. I have been hospitalized several times in the past only to recieve pain meds, and a large bill, and once the muscles relax, the blockage passes on its own on a liquid diet..Sometimes a day or two later. It has recently occurred to me that if the stools are softened and liquified, the hard stuff passes through! So last blockage I used a douchbag with enema attachment, filled it a little with warm water and put some petroleum jelly on the attachment, push it up in the rectum and let it fill up the Jpouch until I can stand it no longer, and out everything comes that was blocking! Sometimes I fill it up and do it again. No blockage! And I follow a soft food diet for a day just to be easy on my pouch. Wish I had thought to do this sooner!

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Thank you for sharing this as once in awhile I get blocked and it hurts!  Eating too many raw veggies, dairy, beef, or gluten will seize and clog my insides up. Usually foods with high preservatives work to loosen things up inside but your idea is much better!  

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I have been facing the problem you described MSIMS in the last 2 weeks.  I’m kind of surprised because my common problem used to be terrible liquid diahrreas, Pouchitis, and after taking Cipro and Vancomycin, I felt better but couldn’t get out of that vicious circle.  What I do now is to get a fleet enema to break things thru and that helps a lot, the only problem is every time I used it, I have to spend most of the night in the bathroom eleiminating.  

Great idea!!! I have alot of issues with obstructions. I'm actually dealing with one right now. My fiance begs me to go to the hospital. He just doesn't understand that they wont do anything until it's a full obstruction. And I'm over the NG. That is by far the worst for me. 

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