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So for those that have some random minimal leakage, what do you do to take precautions for sexy time? Is it just diet, is it extra Pepto, has anyone tried the cotton ball in the hole trick? I am in a new relationship and I want to minimize the chance of having an accident when getting a little crazy.. I obviously know to empty out as much as you can prior to but does anyone have any other tricks?

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and I thought I was the only one!

basically, I always have a cotton ball btw my cheeks. My wife of 31 years understands the situation. On the nights I know something is going to happen, I make sure I eat early and have taken my immodium.   I then hope for the best.

but in reality, I will be walking my daughter down the isle in a few weeks and I have to time my day just right, so I don’t feel the need to take a crap while she is exchanging her vows.

there are multiple situations that we have to navigate in order to avoid that feeling of ‘oh no, why now?’

after a year of pouching, I pretty much know my body, what works, and my transit times. I think I can manage most situations at this point, butt 😊, it does taking some planning.

@CTBarrister posted:

I am pretty sure that sterile gauze pads, the kind that is designed to soak up blood from a wound as is used by every Remicade nurse, if folded properly to fit the contours of your rectum, will be a better absorbent than cotton balls. Something like these:

i use those gauze pads daily with Ilex and i shove it right up against my hole, just in case i get a little leak. Some days none, some days a little. Never to where i full on crapped my shorts thank god, but sleeping at night is basically a "crap shoot", lol. But are you saying to actually shove the gauze pad up inside there?

@Pouchomarx posted:

But are you saying to actually shove the gauze pad up inside there?

What I am saying is do whatever you need to do so that you are comfortable that this issue will not happen. But it seems to me that the gauze can be folded up to fit the contours of your rectum and then inserted. It would seemingly act as a better "dam", if you will, than cotton balls.

There are also butt plugs available as sex toys at sex shops. Never used them so just throwing it out there FWIW

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