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I have a J-pouch for about 11 - 13 years. Now it's time for fine tuning.


I notice when I eat some sweet potato... or an avacado, my stools PLUMP UP and become nice and soft and easy to pass.


I have also experimented with a Psyllium Cereal that works great when you mix in yogurt and one could sprinkle it in their soup, make muffins with it etc., but I don't always eat these foods daily. I haven't even made the muffin mix I found!! But it works great, same way.. plumps up my stools etc.


What do others use?

I am ONLY INTERESTED in HEARING FROM FOLKS WITH CURRENT J-Pouchers who are experiencing a relatively healthy period in life right now.



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Hi, Dancing Girl.

I eat zucchini. I don't peel them. I can eat the peels now, but I didn't when I came home from surgery, too risky at that early stage. Now, I slice and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, and and roast in the oven until soft. Theyncook really fast so don't leave them for long. I think olive oil or avocado oils help to "lubricate" your insides and it's good for you. The gel consistency of cooked zucchini helps give substance to stools, as you say, it "plumps" up.

I make my own potato salad and eat this in moderation and it works excellently. Spaghetti or linguini also gives me good results. I do not need any bulking agent or medication related to my j pouch, and haven't for three years. I eat lots of steamed or broiled fish and this makes soft, easy results. I think any vegetable, as long as it is roasted or cooked to a soft consistency, and chewed very well, will help with formation and solidify things without making cement. I eat everything, including mushrooms and Brussels sprouts, raspberries, strawberries, but I never eat nuts or seeds because they don't break down. I eat plainly, meaning broiled, roasted, baked, boiled foods, and no cream-based sauces or heavy gravies that are made with flour (carbs = messy pouch results).

When I buy prepared food, I read the label: if I recognize and can pronounce the first five ingredients, and if it isn't full of overly processed sugar, starches, fillers, and carbs, I will buy it. The only supplement I take is 1,000mg tablet of vitamin D, and my diabetes medication, low doses. That's it. I am healthy, and no pouch issues.

I have started to throw  1/2 Tablespoon of psyllium into my smoothies in the morning.  (The plain ordinary kind.) I also throw in chia and flax seeds.  Those help bulk things up.

I also found that pumpkin is a thickener for me.  It works for me in pumpkin bread and muffins.  The problem for me is that both use sugar, so I have to watch that I don't eat too many for that reason too.

Dancing Girl posted:

Hey, Still you think putting CHIA and /or Flax seeds on top of foods would work?? You know, kind of like you put salt on stuff??? Like for instance, if I had say, a potato with butter.. put some flax seeds in with the butter???

I usually eat flax with apple sauce.  I used to mix chia seeds with water and just down it, but found that chia seeds were causing lots of bloating issues. I stick with flax or psyllium in apple sauce, it’s the easiest way for me. 

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