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I also do well with low sugar greek yogurt and oatmeal.  Thinly sliced cooked turkey,  any kind of cooked squash - summer (zucchini) or winter (butternut) , sweet potato,  cooked carrots, aged cheese, peanut butter, pureed vegetable soups are great.  Then when you are settled and doing well slowly try SMALL amounts of any food and chew really well. 

Even though K pouches and J pouches have different exits we all have the same pouches...if you are looking for a diet to reduce gas then it is a high protein diet that works best: meat, fish, chicken, eggs, sea foods, peanut butter (if you are not allergic) etc. They are the foods that worked best for me.

I slowly add in vegetables that agree with my pouch (potatoes, sweet potatoes, starches like rice or whole-grain breads (absorb fluids)

Fruits that work best are apples (applesauce), persimmons, pears...

I personally avoid mixing fruits and starches because I find them very gas-forming but other people have no problems.

My new 'happy snack' is a sliced banana with a tbls of peanut butter, a couple of cashews, and raisins. It hits the spot and has 0 refined sugar.

When my pouch is too liquidy I tend to eat more starches, when it is normal I eat more proteins.

As for vegetables (raw or cooked) that just depends on you and your plumbing!


Today I cooked a cup of rice and added it too a bag full of asian coleslaw and added 2 chicken breasts pieces marinaded in teriyaki and then added 3 frozen butter chicken meals.and then sperated it into four was amazing tomorrow I will buy shrimps and add it to the asian coleslaw with rice and thousand island dressing.mmmm.

We have gone into another lockdown and the rice shelves are empty.

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