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I have had 2 ileostomys in the past, but have put it out of my mind, hoping never to have another one, that I can't remember what I can and cannot eat.

Can you eat salad? How about beans? Fresh fruit without the skin?

I did google it, but don't remember being as limited as what I found.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I eat most everything with my lovely new permanant ileo - including salads, beans, even nuts. I do take skins off fresh fruits and tough skins off certain vegetables - like cucumbers. Pretty much the only things I don't eat are mushrooms and corn. Sherry I suggest you adding things in very slowly and concentrate on chewing slowly and throughly when trying the new items.
good luck.
I have only had my end ileo about 1.5 months and haven't had any problems eating anything. I chew foods well. What comes out seems well digested. With my J pouch I never had blockage issues but certain foods increased frequency, butt burn etc. and certain foods helped. My diet was restricted. That is the joy of the bag, even if it is loose or acidic it doesn't matter, its "in the bag."

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