Do you see your surgeon for checkups/issues or do you see a GI?


I'm nearly 10 years post-op, and have (touch wood) had few issues with my pouch. Some partial blockages early on, a bout of pouchitis and now a minor RV fistula that is more a pest than a problem.


My surgeon is great, and I've seen him on an annual basis for scopes. However, it can take 6 weeks to get an appointment, and his location is not convenient. I have a local GI who I saw prior to surgery, but have not seem him since. Can GIs do aftercare for pouches? Do they know about the functions and problems of pouches, or is that only the realm of surgeons?


I'd love to get your experiences (especially if there are any Australians on here).





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I have both, now. If I didn't have a fistula and need a seton, etc, I'd probably only see my GI. My current GI only works with IBD patients, and has a lot of pouch patients. 

If you no longer have surgical issues, a medical GI with good knowledge is likely all you'd need, unless you run into issues. Most pouch issues down the road are not surgical issues.

I see my GI. I have not seen my surgeon since a year post op, and that was to repair an incisional hernia. My GI confers with my surgeon if needed. So, that is 19 years with just my GI (and I have gone through several in that time).



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Everyone is different as I read.
I still see my surgeon.
Almost two years post op.
I was going to stop seeing her but she said it was not necessary to go to a gi and I could just see her.
I feel more comfortable seeing her because she did it and knows just as much as a gi.  And appointments with her are easy.
Just my experience.

As long as your GI doctor has experience with j pouches then I think it's ok to see him/her. Mine does as she has several j pouch patients. My old GI dr. which is closer to my home has no experience with j pouches so he was a no go. My surgeon told me I could see him for any issues as well.

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