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I am almost a year out from my third surgery to complete my total colectomy with IPAA. I had a terrible time after my third surgery--plagued by gas, pain, very frequent stools, and general malaise. I have since discovered that I have a problem with FODMAPS (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols). These are essentially short chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine and and can cause irritable bowel like symptoms. My first clue was discovering that I was lactose intolerant and then I realized that fructose was a culprit along with other sugars. I also was having a terrible intolerance to onions and garlic, and those are huge problems in the FODMAP world. I'm sharing this because this has been a break through for me. I now feel SO much better. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this. I have even found a pilot study out of Monash University in Australia--The Effect of Reducing Dietary FODMAP Intake on Bowel Function in Patients without a Colon (Croagh, et al). 

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Hi there. I've been using the low FODMAP diet from Monash university for the past 6 weeks after struggling along for the past 15 months with constant diarrhoea that I have suffered since the reversal of my ileostomy after surgery for colorectal cancer. I have also been seeing a dietician and keeping a food diary and all this has helped but I still get undpredictable episodes. I've downloaded the Monash app and  by following the regime strictly am hoping to completely rid myself of the diarrhoea. That would change my life!

Have you started using the app?

Yes, I do use the app and I love it! I'm like you, though, and still get unpredictable episodes. I never went through the complete elimination phase, as I really thought I had a pretty good handle on what my triggers were. Unfortunately, I'm still plagued by unknown surprises. I find that if I eat at home and am in total control of what goes into my food, I (not surprisingly) do quite well. It's when I try to eat out or at someone else's house that I get into trouble--there always seems to be some hidden FODMAPS.

Did you have any of this trouble before your surgery? I was plagued by UC problems, but not like this. I'm trying to understand how having a colectomy essentially induced this FODMAP intolerance. I guess the entire gastro microbiome was changed? I'm also wondering if I would just be happier going to a permanent ileostomy or if I would still be plagued by problems. I really love to eat and I love good food, so this has been very difficult for me. But at least I'm eating...

hi specks yes I have had great success with fodmap I was guided by a dietician who dealt with the fodmap program which was a great help,I laughed with her when I started saying she would never get me of gastro stop and like products but yes 12 months later I no longer use anything it has been a long battle 9 years to find a fix , I have been following a dietician from America by the name of Kate Scarlata blog and instergram has a lot of new products and recipes just for fodmap people has a lot of interistering information hope this helps.

Hi again specks. I have wondering the same thing: did the operation actually cause the condition requiring following a low FODMAPs diet? I had always had a sentative bowel which reacted to stress but not really to foods. When I told my surgeon about the diarrhoea , he asked if I wanted to go back to having a stoma and bag, but I would rather persevere with the diet route. You never know, maybe one day my bowel may start behaving normally. How great that would be. By the way, as well as Kte Scarlatti, another very good person to follow is Suzanne Perazzini regarding FODMAPs. She's based in NZ. Her Facebook page is under the title IBS & the low FODMAP diet. Worth a look. 

Does anybody has suggestions for sites with Gluten free/lactose free FODMAP diet recipes? I just came out of the hospital after my second intestinal blockage in 2 months.  I have a total colectomy since 2014, then diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2016.  I bounce from diarrhea to constipation in the last 5 years.  I know an ileostomy will end my misery, but I’ll die with my JPouch.  Suggestions, ideas, advises will be highly appreciated.

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