Hi everyone. I've had my 3rd takedown surgery about 8 months ago. Recently I've been having a lot of gas. About a week ago I had an indian snack which consists mostly of chickpeas. Ever since then I've had a large amount of gas. I went to see my GI and he recommended ths FODMAP diet. 

My question is: is the FODMAP diet permanent? Or will the gas eventually subside on it's own?

Usually when I have gas like this, it eventually stops after a few days. This recent hiccup has lasted just over a week. 

Any insight is appreciated.




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Ok, so firstly chickpeas are (largely) fodmap friendly.  So even if you followed fodmap you could still eat some chickpeas.


Fodmap is an elimination diet, you exclude problem foods for approx 3 months, the reintroduce then slowly.  Fodmaps basically ferment in the gut, reducing fodmaps means less gas.   


It's also important to reduce and control the amount of sugar you consume.  The RDA for sugar is 35g. I try to stay around this, your tolerance may be different.


There are 4 fodmap groups, polyolys, Oligos, lactose,fructose.  Not the correct way to do fodmap but, Perhaps you could look at a list of foods in each group find some foods you are sensitive too, then exclude that group and see if there is an improvement?  I did this with polyolys and it helped me. (Apple's, avocados and xylitol sweetener were triggers I knew, they are all polyolys)


There are apps for you phone you can download with all fodmap groups and you can filter on group to see the foods in that group. I filter on polyol to know what to avoid.. Although now I have excluded for a few months I can have avocado again (in moderation)


Finally I would recommend taking a good probiotic.. gas is caused by fermentation from foods or bacteria imbalance.  Probiotics may help balance the bacteria in your gut (depending on the one you choose, which is a while other conversation) lol





Chickpeas are one of the foods that Beano works well on. For some people they can be gassy (like beans) for reasons that have nothing to do with pouches, colectomy, etc.

The low fodmap diet doesn't have to be permanent but you may find that certain foods still bother you after you try reintroducing them.

You may find your gas reduces with time, or that you are able to tolerate it better with time.

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