I've been living with intransigent pouchitis for 3 years now. Both my surgeon and GI threw up their hands in frustration and I ended up under the care of a wonderful doc, Jessica Philpott at the Cleveland Clinic. (She's in the same group as Bo Shen). During my visit last week, she had me see a nutritionist while I was in town. The nutritionist has suggested that I try what's called the "FODMAP" diet.

I'm wondering what experience any of you folks have had with this diet and looking for any tips you may have.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I eat fodmaps and love it. The first three months were an adjustment but after that it has been great. While it has not helped a ton with my pouchitis/cuffitis it has helped to reduce my diarrhea and bloating. This is my favorite resource, I keep it on my fridge. Kate has lots of other good advice on her website. http://blog.katescarlata.com/f...s/fodmaps-checklist/
i basically do s.c.d. diet i use it and rotate antibiotics and diet seems to bring my antibiotic usage down to 1/2 normal dosage..it did actually control my pouchitis/s.i.b.o. for months without antibiotics but now i am back to rotating 1/2 normal dosage..i think it is similar to fodmap diet...
just f.y.i.checked what i could find on fodmap which is designed i think for ibs patients and my own which is s,c.d diet and there are clearly things eliminated from s.c.d. completely that seem more liberal on fodmap..s.c.d has been helpful a variety of diseases like colitis,chrohns,diverticlitis and host of others..its based on eliminating foods that for a better term feed bad bacteria...some folks on site are believed to have pouchitis/s.i.b.o and so the s.c.d. diet eliminates all starchy carbs without exception,allows variety of fruit(suggests less when lots of diarrhea ) and eliminates all refined sugar and any processed foods..no diet is yet found to exactly treat or control pouch problems per say but as i said i personally prefer the s.c.d. because of its premise..i feel since last oct it probably cut down on my production of bad bacteria to other allow me a respite from antibiotics or at present ability to use less of it..

s.c.d also is easy to follow if not following dietician because its easy to get the can do`s and cannot do`s food from book ..breaking the vicious cycle..
Been seeing a fodmap dietician for the last six months having some great results. Less bathroom visits noise,cramping and spasms have reduced also not getting up at night was up early every hour and half so am happy about that. My last visit the dietician recommended an app for my phone so I can check up when shopping comes also with some recipes it's called THE MONASH university LOW fodmap Diet it recommends what not to eat and what is ok hope this help

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