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Hi Everybody, had my illeostomy since 2017 since my J pouch became too painful to use, but had it 1992 for the next 25 years. I hope to fly soon, it'll be for about 2 hours, has anyone had any problems with the pouch during a flight, like leaks or ballooning, or even a dreaded pop-off?

Thanks for any advice


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I downloaded a card from the American Ostomy Association (I think I have that right).  It is a blue wallet card that you can show to TSA which indicates you have an ostomy.  If you require a pat down they will take you to a private area.  If they see your appliance on the body scanner they won’t freak out.  I always told the flight attendants that I may need to use the washroom even though the seatbelt sign might be on.  I limited food and fluids pre-flight to decrease output and gas. Always, always travel with extra supplies in your carry on.  Most airlines will allow you an extra carry on if it is for medical supplies. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

Never had any difficulties with leaks, etc. and I have flown a lot including overseas, except the last year. But its always a possibility so make sure you have what you need for a quick change in your carry on. I also try to do a change the night before the trip

Highly recommend getting TSA pre screen this keeps you from having to go into the big scanners which for me always raise a question with the TSA and require the pat down, wastes time if you are rushed. With the TSA pre you walk through the old fashioned scanners, and I have never been stopped or questioned as to my ileostomy. I don't use the card, no one knows I have an ileostomy nor needs to.

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