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Sometimes the food I eat doesn’t agree with me, actually most of the time. Some days I can eat something and be fine, other times I can eat the exact same thing and be in excruciating pain, cramps and watery stools. Usually when this happens I run for my pepto, Imodium or if it’s real bad, my Vicodin.  Today when it happened I reached for something different,  5mg liquigel CBD pill. Took a little while but it worked. I really need to get off these harsh meds that I’ve been taking for years and years. From what I’ve heard, cbd can also help with joint pains and other ailments. Would love for it to work for all my ailments, but I’d be happy with whatever one it decides to help lol

Hopefully this little 5mg pill is the real deal. 


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Would be interesting to know your continuing experience with CBD.. also a bit more regarding its brand/strength and cost..


As you say, it could be a fluke, sometimes a certain thing is fine, other times it is not.. it could also be to do with timings... For example I seem to be able to eat sweet  things like chocolate bars, but if I eat them right after a meal I seem to get ill, and right through the following day too.

@Disneynut posted:

I would love to hear updates.  Many foods do not like me so I would be willing to try CBD.


I had to give up cbd, it started giving me issues in my bladder. It was mimicking UTI’s, it took me almost 1 year and visits to the urologist to figure out it was the cbd causing pressure in my bladder and multiple nighttime peeing trips.

Everything we put in our mouth effects our bodies. Not every issues is about a medical condition, I learned that the hard way!

@Disneynut posted:

Vital Proteins.  I get it from Costco (but it's available lots of place--Costco has a good price).  I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night AGAIN last night!  I'm not sure I've ever had this many nights in a row without having to get up.  Nothing else has changed so I have to believe the powder is helping.

Wow, that sounds very promising. I’m happy you found something that is not a prescription meds to work for you. I’ve been wanting to try collagen for help with my joints but if it also helps the pouch it be a win win.
Thanks for the info,  Have a wonderful Holiday!

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