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Yes this is a very real thing.

I’m not on this board a lot since I’ve been put in Entyvio for chronic pouchitis and doing well.

My pouch is 22 years young. Always issues. See my profile.

Now I’ve been diagnosed with floppy pouch syndrome where basically gravity is pulling things downward. My intestines are loose and it twisted on a adhesion. First the surgeon tried to untwist it by going thru the rectum like a scope. Worked for 3 weeks. Then he did lapro, cut adhesion untwisted bowel and sewed to to stomach wall. That lasted 3 months. Then another loop of intestines found it’s way between the original repair and stomach wall and kinked. Another lapro and another one sewed onto wall. That was a month ago.
Apparently being a thin female you are more prone to this.  

i sure hope this is it. First I was cured, now he’s optimistic 🤦🏻‍♀️

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