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Hi, I have been rotating successfully on Cipro/Xifaxan to Cipro/Tinizadole for a year and it has kept my Pouchitis at bay. It is not ideal, but it works.

Duke did not accept BCBS this year so I had to go with a different provider . That provider does not recognize Tinizadole as an antibiotic for Pouchitis. So that drug would cost $1,100 per month.

My doc has put me on Flagyl instead which is not working after 5 days of 2 pills a day.   Is there something I can suggest to my doc or am I out of antibiotics that I can rotate ?

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You can generally appeal to the insurer. Forcing you (financially) to discontinue a successful treatment isn’t such a good idea, and they might not dig in their heels. The Xifaxan is costing them a lot more than Tindazole. Appealing can work if your doctor is willing to go to bat for you. 

Are you taking the Flagyl with Cipro (as you did the Tindazole)? Flagyl alone never worked for me, but it works well for me with Cipro.

I am taking Flagyl with Cipro. I am also on Pred and have cut it down to 12.5 mg a day from 40 mg.

My doc has been trying to wean me off of pred and antibiotics. I am on humira 6 months now, but it does not seem to be working.

I have not asked them to approve Xifazan yet as I still have some from previous insurance coverage from December.

Thank you for your reply.

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