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my surgeon put me on Flagyl Friday for suspected pouchitis. I've had frequency, then trouble emptying pouch completely, leakage during the day (mostly yellow liquid). 50p mg 3x day. I just took 6th dose. Last night was horrible, going every 1/2 hour for awhile but not fully emptying just a little here and there. Today I'm sore and experiencing the same. Thoughts on this? Flagyl not working or give it time? Any other suggestions?

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Many of us need to take two different types of antibiotics.  Flagyl works differently than say Cipro, they attack bacteria differently and attack different types of bacteria.  I've found that antibiotics start working quickly, even within 12 hours, so if you are two days in and have not seen a change, I'd ask for Cipro too.  I prefer Levaquin, but Cipro seems to work for most.  

my name is Anabel M, I am a cancer free for 3 years. I still have diarrhea and puchatitis some times. I still have to mantain on a strick diets. No many things; everything that hace much fiber I can not eat- mushrooms, brocolli, carrots, sweat potato, all the spices o small herbes.... nuts also a NO NO...

When a get diarrhea I take Banatrol plus with water, and that helps very much.

I am also on probiotic from Whole FOODS the one that has billion...on the refrigietor.

Please contact me anyone that need help with pouchatitis or anything with JPOUCH surgery- to my email: 

Blessing to everyone, God loves us, and He has a purpuse to every one!

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