I have had my first pouchitis and flagyl worked very well. Does anyone know or can advise if its ok to  take flagyl for 10 days  then off for 10 days then back on. My main question is  if flayl works well can we take it daily non stop.

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I'm on Flagyl (and Cipro) daily, and have been for some years. I sure wouldn't do it if I didn't need to, though.

Well many people are on a daily dose of antibiotics.  I have used Flagyl in the past but it makes everything I eat have a funny taste to it so i switched to Cipro.  Cipro seems to work better for me actually.  Any medicine has a side effect you have to weight the benefits from the risk.  Your ligaments can bother you will you stay on a higher dosage of cipro.  If I have a problem I usually just take cipro for a couple days and stop.  Only one 500 mg pill.  If it gets really bad then I start with 2 - 500 a day for ten days.  My pouch will settle down after just one day with Cipro it seems to work better for me.

Both of these antibiotics can cause life altering side effects, I was rather complacent about taking long term antibiotics because of reading of many who did on here which seemed to normalise it, but I paid a heavy price. From my personal experience and research I wouldn't recommend as long term tx strategies if at all possible. 

claire good morning from Paris- your testimony is alarming - what are the side "life altering effects " of long use of antibiotics? thanks

Sorry to alarm, but it's good to be informed.. I am not against antibiotics per se but just have a lot more respect for them now then perhaps I did in the past. And there are oftentimes safer drugs we can use for pouch but they are more expensive like Rifaximin or other safer antibiotics, that should perhaps be offered to us to try first before such big guns!!!

flagyl is well known to have potential to cause neuropathies. Cipro too, although Cipro is emerging over time to have a very dark side indeed. My previous posts have many links as I've been trying to let jpouchers know since this stuff seems to be handed to us like smarties with little information or monitoring of side effects. This link has hundreds of media articles and academic papers about Cipro and related drugs if you want to check out some of the media warnings or others papers


I have used flagyl for a few years now- 250 mg a day.  It keeps my pouchitis at bay.  Anyone have issues with nerve damage to their hands, legs or feet?


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