I had surgery a few days ago for strictures below and above my pouch. I woke up feeling moderate pain. My surgeon, who is new to me, had used lots of lidocaine, and I had incontinence that night and the following day. The day after surgery I woke up with severe pain in my rectum, specifically on one side. When I looked, I was severely bruised on that side and there's a significant tear. Obviously the surgeon had to use equipment to get into my pouch, but I've had my pouch for over twenty years and have had yearly scopes with no issues, and even abscess and fistula surgery. I've never been left with a ripped butthole!
When I called the doctor's office the morning after surgery, the suggestion was to take sitz baths and use vaseline as a barrier ointment. There seemed to be little concern. I managed to get into my primary care doctor today. She was surprised by the level of bruising and tearing. She gave me a prescription for a cream that is very expensive (over $275 after insurance!). I am so frustrated. I went to the new surgeon because my G.I. thought fresh eyes would be a good idea (my surgeon retired a few years ago, and I had been seeing another surgeon in his practice, who I will definitely be going back to).
I guess I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar experience, and if so, what did you do for the fissure/tear? I can't see how this tear will heal on it's own. It's pretty significant and painful.  
Thanks for any suggestions.

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So sorry to hear this. Exactly what type of surgery did you have for the stricture? I have been battling one forever.

. Did they tell you the fissure could be a possible risk? If this is  an isolated incident, warm baths  and prescription creams should heal it  Best of luck.  

JulieT, try using a sitz basin to help heal your fissures and injured tissues. It will also soothe pain. You can find a sitz basin at health equipment stores, large drugstores, or at Amazon for around $12.  Put it on the toilet (seat up), fill it with very warm water and sit in it until water cools.  Warm water will bring blood flow to that area and help heal fissures and injuries, inside and out. Dry thoroughly, using a hair dryer set on cool if necessary, and apply a light layer of cream. Zincofax for babies' bums is gentle and heals skin (fast) and is not too messy or greasy, and is not expensive, around $10 at drugstores. If Zincofax works for screaming babies, you know it's good. I was given a jar by the hospital after takedown. Eat high protein food to help your tissues heal. Good luck to you. 

Hi Jeane,

I'm sorry to hear you're battling a stricture. They can be miserable. 

I had a dilation surgery to open up two strictures--one at the inlet of the j-pouch, and another at the outlet of the pouch.  No, there was no talk about a fissure being a possible risk.  

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