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i am from iran .
beacuse of th leak in anastomos i have 1.5 year ileostomy
and always around of it burned very bad.
from first days in hospital after close the ileostomy.
when i only eat water and tea my anus is burn.
this burn is not ending.
some day is better .some days is bad
propebly every time is bleeding in endig and very bad burning
i can sea it with mirorr and its to many fishers
in my country i can only used anihemoroid
is anbody hear have fishers??from first days???
every thing i eat . like fire in my anus.
like magma in my anus
in first days only i burn in th wc
after i burn every time
i can not go hospital
beacus of covid 19

in my country every thing is simple and doctors donot care 

like your country 

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Diltiazem 20mg/gm ointment.  This is a compound med.  Really helped with Fischer's. 

Other creams less expensive hydrocortisone acetate 1% pramixime HCI 1% cream.

OTC:  A&D ointment.  Considering ur situation this might help & sitz baths. This is cheapest option.  I also use this fiber powder: psyllium husk powder .  You can get in health food store.  Really makes the bowel soft not diarrhea.  Easy on the rectum when expelling.



I hope this helps.




Try to slow your output.  Without a colon, your stool contains stomach acid which is very painful, especially with frequency.  Take psyllium fiber like drink with each meal.  Eat thick foods like rice and potatoes at least 1 time a day, have a banana a day if you can.  Can you get immodium?  Take one around dinner time.  When you go to bed, you might get a full night sleep.  Your pooper just needs a break to get better.  I also use wet wipes to thoroughly clean the area.

The psyllium fiber husk mixed with water should be your first priority. Not the kind that have additives like flavorings which are usually not thick enough and have citric acid for flavoring. Just plain psyllium husk fiber.  
Thick paste creams to protect skin as well. In our country “Calmoseptine”   brand.  otherwise Zinc oxide formulas if you can’t find it. 
No spicy food, onion, garlic, egg peppers can all make worse. Fats oils as well. Stick to absorb any food applesauce oatmeal banana(ripe), pasta, White bread, white fish steamed. Unsure if your country eats these but these helped me.  Also steam fruit or vegetables but stay away from citrus fruit like oranges and things. Use chopped apple in oatmeal and cook it right in it. No spices they will burn. Tea may also burn so only drink mild herbal teas without a lot of spices. 

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