Hello all.

Just wanted to say hello from Australia.  I’m so happy to have found you.  I have Lynches syndrome and have just had my third re section in 15 years on Nov 5 - went into that surgery not knowing exactly what procedure I’d be having done.  

There were three options and I was lucky enough to have a surgeon who worked really hard to use the tiny blood supply I have left and the last 10-15 cms of my colon she was able to salvage to reconnect me me back up.  But I thought I’d have a JPouch hence my search for support.

I feel sure a JPouch or permanent stoma is in my future given the genetic cancer I have, and Im grateful I’ll have a wealth of knowledge from you all to call on when it finally DOES happen.

My own experience : initial resection with stoma for 3 months, second resection 5 years ago and last one just on Nov 5 this year.  I’m so stunned at the lack of info available from Drs etc, it’s true that we become more knowledgeable than them 😉 out of necessity about the “little” things...which happen to be big things to those facing them.   I’ve been following a low FODMAP diet for about 2 years which has been life changing.

I find you all truly inspiring and I can’t begin to tell you how good it is to read familiar stories and see issues I myself am dealing with.

Thank you all for sharing and being so brave and honest.  You’ve helped me immensely already.

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