At last exam pouchitis (which had been getting less and less since original surgery to create my J pouch ) was three weeks ago finally totally gastro MD says this is the best he has seen my canal in the whole 18 years he has had me as a patient for my at one time extremely deep prescription to Xifaxan, a biologic with European roots has in thee years made me a happy camper even if itself warns and does contribute to some of the day to day diarrhea,,,,,,,,,,,

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I’m glad the Xifaxan is doing the job. You didn’t mention its astonishing price, so I’m guessing that in your circumstances that isn’t a major issue. I don’t think I’d call it a biologic, though. It’s just a GI antibiotic, with minimal systemic absorption.

ARe you doing anything for the diarrhea? Do you actually have urgency, or just looser stools? Adding some soluble fiber (*not* at the same time as the Xifaxan) might help.

By this time the drug company Salis is giving my scrip as for free with no co-pay though it might be both Medicaid and Medicare that deletes payment...….New York has a tiered payment system with Xifaxan the highest possible (5) and doctor has to get permission from drug company and/or insurance for me to receive....Being that two 550 mg. tabs a day along with colestipol , which I have been taking since surgery 7 years ago.A lot of normal stools,watery, sludge like on occasion ...too many bathroom visits 10 to 12 a day, only sleep through entire nights sometimes, but boy o did the colostomy bag through the year or two of J pouch set up was extremely bad, not comfortable,separating from me at any time,irritation round the stome, and after the first three surgeries(removal,pouch building,hook up) had a fourth for the stoma point herniated, only they found number two and three,,from surgical drain pipe and painkiller hole, now I have oval mesh stapled in my inside skin, but ...well. I AM HEALTHY with no irritation seen during last partial sigmoscopy last month...….


I tried it for over a year and it didn't help.  My insurance covered it but I believe it was something like $900 per month. 

Salis has website where it lists Xifaxan along with about 8 other of the drugs they produce; each one associated with various forms of e. coli strains and you might want your doctor try a sample of your pouch for specific bacterial variations, and whether some of these other drugs could be effective against bad gut bacterial infection......

Thanks Art.  I had a bunch of problems with my j-pouch so had to have it removed.  It is good to see someone getting over a nasty problem.

I loved xifaxan! The best, but I got trush on my tongue and my Dr took me off after 2 1/2 years. It was down hill fast from then on. 

Never will go on antibiotics again. I think it messed my flora so bad my pouchitis came back worse than ever. I almost lost my pouch.

i hope you can continue in it. I don’t mean to scare you. I really loved that drug. 

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